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  1. Following advice given I decided to opt for https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-eq5-goto.html I would like to add small stuff that I might need. Apart from T piece for my camera what else would you advise to get for the first runs? Collimating eyepiece and a battery. Something else? Thanks! Cheers.
  2. Good morning. thanks guys. If I read correctly the first one is proposed is not really good for photography. I dont intend to make professional shots but would like to be able to make some decent ones with my DSLR. I am currently located in Tuscany and weather here is much better than my previous location (Netherlands) so I hope to get some more opportunities for viewing/shooting. I was considering paying about 300e for the telescope. But am willing to pay more if it would make a difference. For instance getting a separate mount etc. Thanks again! Cheers.
  3. Good morning all I am still very much beginner. Bought some books, read a lot of articles, bought a cheap telescope to get familiar and now I would like to purchase something to make a new step. I want to get to know more about photography and observation and looking for a new scope. At the moment my favorite is this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-31051-Astromaster-Reflector-Telescope/dp/B0013Z42AK I would definitely want to have a motor and remote. Also, as critics are against the mount I am thinking about changing it with a different one if it proves to be that
  4. Hi Cpittman35, have you purchased this one? Any thoughts? I am after something similar for the same scope. Thx
  5. Hi all I have studied quite a bit (mostly on forum) but other sites as well and I would like to purchase Skywatcher Mercury 705 as my first scope. I have seen it sold in UK, however, I live in Netherlands and does anyone maybe know where can I get it here or should I order it from there? Also, would like to use it for some photo shooting. If I understood correctly this should be ready for connecting the camera? Any other thoughts before I go ahead? Thanks up front! Regards, Ante.
  6. Want to shoot the moon!

    1. ronin


      Camera, longest lens you have, f/4 @ 1/100 sec should fo it. Focus manually as autofocus will hunt too much. Should be able to use spot metering if wanted. Moon is bright enough for "normal" exposure times. If too bright try 1/250 sec.

    2. Antuntus
  7. Hi I would like to ask for some moon shooting tips. ISO, apperture, exposition...? I have a DSLR and I got some ok pics some not so good.. So I would like to hear what do you use for moon shooting Thanks!
  8. Thanks for tips again. Stellarium is awesome.
  9. Very nice image Could you give some more technical info on what you did? What processing did you use?
  10. A nice pile of info.. maybe good to sum it up for other newbs to read?
  11. Leaving on a jet plane...

  12. Thanks all for tips... I will try a few and get back with how I do. Nice to have this big support with for you simple answers for me total unknown..
  13. Vacuum is the user level. My nick is Antuntus. Thanks for tips. I am downloading Stellarium and will see how it goes..
  14. I have just started. So looking for my first maps to determine some items in the sky. Something to get me going?
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