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  1. Looks great, even simpler conversion here, a £7.99 clamping bolt from ebay attached my Stellina to a tripod I've had kicking around since I was a land surveyor many careers ago. This tripod could hold a total station steady enough to make sub arcsecond measurement so should do the job on some astrophotos.
  2. Cool refractor, yep Dobsonian is just the mount, guess the only limit on the scope on top of the mount is the builder's imagination.
  3. If its been stored indoors and kept dry the mirrors will probably be OK, if they look shiny and reflect well they are probably fine, at that price I'd still buy it if the coatings are shot, its pretty easy to get them recoated http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/OPTICS/mirrorrecoating.html and even though that'd take the cost to £160ish you'd still be getting a bargain!
  4. Think of the mount and telescope seperatly, that mount will cope with anything an EQ5 would take (and will likley track better, the EQ5 is a copy of the slightly never version of this one). The mount is worth the £100, last one I saw go on ebay was very battered, had bits missing and still fetched £135 (just for the mount), its worth buying it for that and then you can upgrade the telescope on top later. You can get adapters for eyepeices google threw up http://www.skiesunlimited.com/Orion-.965-to-1.25-inch-Telescope-Eyepiece-Adapter.html but I'm pretty sure some of the UK astro suppliers will
  5. I'd snap the sellers hand off at that price, buy it quick before they change their mind!
  6. Have just preordered the desk edition http://www.amazon.co.uk/interstellarum-Deep-Sky-Atlas-Desk/dp/1107503388/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1415036333&sr=1-1&keywords=9781107503380 as its a bit less scarily priced and I have my spiral bound Herald Bobroff for if I need an atlas of that sort of coverage outside
  7. Or a fail in the Chinese - English dictionary
  8. Yep, haven't looked through the dob so can't comment on that but aldi and lidl do some great for the money optics, I've got a £50 Lidl microscope that sells for twice that on Amazon and while my £15 spotting scope wasn't quite as good as the £1000+ Pentax one the guy on the next lane at the range was using it wasn't that much worse and was plenty good enough for spotting my shots at 600m.
  9. Can't find it now but I read somewhere from what seemed a trustworthy source the stated capacities of Vixen mounts (at least the ones of the GP vintage) were for imaging whereas most of the competition give visual use capacity, hence why they seem a bit conservative.
  10. Love my Vixen GP, it's streets ahead of the EQ5 I used to have. Does anyone know if the EQ5 polar scopes will fit the GP? Could do with updating mine.
  11. Saw it on Wednesday as we had a couple of hours clear skies in the morning so at least I got one look at it.
  12. It is a rather cool place to visit isn't it? Plenty of interesting science described but at the same time lots of buttons to press to keep the kids entertained.
  13. Oh and I just came across this page of radio astronomy book reviews. http://www.reeve.com/RadioScience/Radio%20Astronomy%20Publications/Radio_Astronomy_Book_Reviews.htm
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