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  1. I remember being told about this mission a few years ago, and that it would land soon, and we were going to find out where the Earth's water may have come from. This week, I have studied a lot about where water on Earth came from and the Rosetta Mission in my GCSE astronomy lessons. Well done to those involved! I can't believe it, what an achievement indeed!
  2. Hi Andy and welcome to SGL! Clear skies!
  3. Algieba

    Hi to all

    Hi and welcome! Clear skies!
  4. Hi Mark, Welcome to SGL! Clear skies!
  5. Welcome to SGL Sean! :-) Clear skies!
  6. The time when I find it best to observe the moon is when it is a crescent.
  7. Signed! Good luck and hope the course survives!
  8. I have the same problem! Usually I just go to the nearest field because my garden doesn't have the best seeing conditions anyway.
  9. I am also 15 and am studying towards an astronomy GCSE. From what I know Andromeda is good to observe though I have never observed it myself, hopefully when it is clear I may be able to try. I find when I use a telescope, because I am quite inexperienced (I tend to go out with binoculars or naked eye usually), that I can find it hard to align it with what I want to see and I have noticed that with experience it gets easier and easier as you use it more. Heard Orion is good as mentioned above. Good luck, keep trying and hope your stargazing is successful :-)
  10. I also am interested in becoming an astronomer! Maths and physics are essential and other Science Technology Engineering and Maths options are advisable. Good luck!
  11. Sometimes I watch it go over, I've heard there are apps you can get that can tell you when the ISS is going over, I tried it over the summer. It's always great to watch it go over!
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