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  1. Congratulations there's nothing quite like the first look through a scope. Wait till you see a planet... now that is memorable!
  2. I'm taking my Skywatcher 127mm Mak on a long journey soon. Should I expect everything to be okay if I use the original box and blankets for protection? I'm not sure I'm ready for collimation yet!
  3. I was lucky that my mum used to talk to me about black holes and relativity when I was 5 (I've got a recording on a tape somewhere), and not long after my dad bought me a monocular (made in Russia, and still possibly the best optics I have!). I don't think anything fired my imagination as much before or since. Thereafter, it was Carl Sagan, Sky at Night, the Shuttle etc etc... and thankfully here I am now with BIG optics and really enjoying it Great story by Gweedo by the way.
  4. I'm in the same boat as SJGOLD1 - newbie with a Skymax127 and wondering about getting a bigger field of view. I've found a 40mm 52degree apparent field of view eyepiece here:... Skywatcher. A 40mm eyepiece with this scope would give x37.5 magnification, and the real field of view would be 52 / 37.5 = 1.39 degrees. Is this right or am I missing something? It would be nice to have such a 'big' view. Should I get a 40mm eyepiece?
  5. Col B

    New telescope

    Thank you all kindly for your informative replies. I'm basically looking at purchasing my second scope and I think the SW Mak 127 fits the bill. I've got a small back yard, plus a bit of space out front, so the compactness and portability appeals to me. My first scope was a 70mm refractor, something like an f/12.8 so I'm pretty used to a small FOV anyway. I've got a fair bit of light pollution (I was surprised I could see down to about mag5 unaided on an unusually clear night, though this is quite rare) so my line of reasoning is to go for objects that I'll have a fair or good chance of seeing - moon, planets, double stars. Then after picking up some experience, like learning to use an EQ mount, buy the RA motor drive and try a bit of imaging and pick up the DSOs that way. I've already got the DSLR, at this stage it's more for fun than killer quality. I did consider a 130 or 150 newtonian, but I think it's a bit too bulky, plus with the Mak I can use my shed as an impromtu observatory!! Also thinking about getting a moon filter, light pollution filter, dew shield, T-adaptor, and maybe a 40mm eyepiece. Have I overlooked anything? Would you consider a focal reducer to improve the FOV? That Baader T" 2" diagonal looks an interesting way to go. Can you do that? I thought that would lead to vignetting... Thanks for you help chaps, off to do a bit more drooling now Col.
  6. Col B

    New telescope

    Hi Andrew, How are you finding the scope after 3 months use? The reason I ask is that I really fancy the Skywatcher 127 Mak, and I'm practically in a frenzy of anticipation at the thought of getting one! Looks like a great scope.
  7. I need to replace the mount for a Bresser Sirius 70 alt-az, which I accidentally trashed !!! There's a link here of what it looks like: Bresser Sirius 70mm AZ Refractor Telescope I thought about upgrading to an equatorial mount that would come in useful in the future, when I decided to move on to a better scope, but I can't seem to find tube rings that would fit (approx 70mm tube). Any ideas on what I could use? Obviously the cheaper the better, as the whole thing was cheap, but it's not a bad scope and I don't really want to throw it away just yet!
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