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  1. Having been a Nikon user for over 40 odd years I was hoping that maybe one of my present cameras would suffice, I have been using the D200 for my astrophotography as it now sits on the shelf in my studio, the D4s cameras I use daily for my studio work, Tried the old D70 but not sure about it, may try it again, if not its back to my old F3 film camera, I still use that for my B&W portraits. Having read all your comments and advice, I think I may invest in a second hand Canon, just to see how it performs, or maybe I will go the CCD route, watch this space. Den
  2. I am have a little problem with stellarium and my EQ5 and Synscan. I was out last night testing for moon shots, I setup the scope, aligned polaris no problems there, did a 3 star alignment on Synscan, great (really helps with the illuminated eyepiece) the scope stayed in the last position pointing to Cappella, I then started Ascom, then Stellarium Scope and finally Stellarium, The scope remain in it's last position but Stellarium showed the scope pointing just left of polaris my home position? So I went through the whole process again, same thing, not sure what I am doing wrong, has anyone else come across this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Den
  3. I decided this evening to test my Philips 900 camera as I have been having a few proplems with focusing, managed to get that about right after relising I needed the camera nearer the secondry mirror, anyway, so set my scope up and went for it. Captured video via SharpCap and stacked the frames using registax 6, did some minor adustments in PS6, not really happy with the finished result! Its unsharp so I still need to practice with it before the full moon on monday. If not I think its back to the DSLR. Your comments would be more than welcome. Den
  4. OK, so after pulling what was left of my hair out, I decided to do a google search for help, the stellarium forum/blog had no real answers, I then came across this website http://lightvortexastronomy.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/tutorial-imaging-setting-up-equatorial.html and bingo, connected no problem, however 1 problem still remains, I still have to go through the same proceedure each time to get the scope to connect, but I suppose it's better than not connecting at all. I did CdC, just couldn't get my head around it, (Stellarium seems so much easier), maybe its because it's my busiest time of year with work so may revisit it at some point. Thanks again guys for your help. Den
  5. Hi everyone thanks for the advice, checked and double checked all the settings, its just wont slew, so think I may have a look at CdC at some point, shame really as I love the way it looks.
  6. I have been having problems with stellarium ver 12.1 with stellarium scope, it worked once then stopped, checked the configurations all ok, it just would not work, so uninstalled all the software and tried again, same thing worked once them would not slew anywhere. So plan B, uninstall all the software again but install the 13.3 32bit version, this time I get a message saying Open GL not available use MESA. Uninstall the software, install the new 13.3 Mesa and great works first time, I switch off the synscan, close stellarium, switch on the synscan go through the motions, load up stellarium and it has all the same settings from the last time but just will not slew? So I am not wondering why 2 different version are ok the first time it runs then just stops? Anyone else had this problem. Just to see if restarting the computer made a difference and it dose not. Den
  7. I have an old Nikon D70 that I had from new, It;s taken less than 3000 images, it's has a 6MP CCD sensor and I was wondering if it was worth modifying it for some DSO imaging? I did read somewhere that a filter would have to be removed from the sensor? Is it worth the effort or do I just buy a modded Canon? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Den
  8. Thanks, just now have to connect the mount to stellerium amd I should be able to shoot some more, I hope.
  9. WOW, I had an amazing response from HDC on Thursday morning about my question on the Orange lamps at the bottom of my garden, They informed me that the lights in question were definitely not theirs and they had been in touch with CCC to forward my request. Yesterday at get a call from a very nice lady at CCC who said that the lights were in fact theirs, she apologised for the confusion and said they did have plans to replace the lights in October with white lights but not LEDs and that they would install a baffle to keep the light from spilling into the garden. I thanked her and started thinking about maybe installing a pier, about 30 minutes later I get a call from BB who asked me why I needed the baffles, I explained that I wanted to use my scopes but the light just ruined my viewing, 'OK' the guy said we can actually remove it completely if I wanted, and the other that are not too far from my garden can be modified by them to help keep the light down. I was a little shocked at the response considering my requests earlier, so, hats off to all three involved, Cambridge County Council, Huntingdon District Council & Balfor Beatty, I thank you very much. Den
  10. So I have been having all sorts of prolems with EQ5 mount, polar alignment, synscan etc, etc, so tonight I had another go, set everything up and using the handset set my sights on M15, I have terrble light pollution in my garden but the council have offered to help (shock, horror, but thats for another post), To my amazement M15 was almost dead centre of the scope, wow, very dim but viewable, so after about 5 minutes of viewing I decided to try and capture it with my DSLR, the result is below, I know it's not he best image in the world, and I will try again at some point, but 38 30 second exposures Stacked by DSS produced an image that requires a lot of work but it's an images without any drag on the stars, so quite happy. Den
  11. When you say Star eaters what do you mean? Den
  12. Hi Anthony, I have set the elevation, I checked it and I know it to be correct, I am waiting for an illuminated crosshairs eyepiece I will then try everything again. Den
  13. Thanks Avocette, I will give that a try, willing to try anything at this point. Den
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