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  1. So the much belated start to 2015, while the real year started 17 days ago but, with the weather in Edinburgh having been on the terrible side of atrocious, the star gazing year only got going last night. For the first night of the year i thought i would do something a little different and i had my first night out at Harperrig Reservoir (Edinburgh). What a place it is; you get a slight red glow to the NW from Edinburgh/Edinburgh Airport and the lights of one house but, for the darker sites that I've been too and to be fair it's not many, it's the best. Normally I'm a city centre amateur astron
  2. First time visit to Harperigg Reservoir last night and its a great place. Looking forward to many more nights. I hope that net Saturday morning is clear as well.
  3. Thanks for all the help and ideas chaps
  4. While i would love to be in the position to be asking about some £500 badboy, i'm not. I do want to get a replacement for the stock 10mm eypiece that came with the scope. I'm looking at either the; Celestron Omni Plossl 9mm £28 - http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-omni-plossl-eyepiece.html or Skywatcher SP Plossl 10mm £20 - http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-eyepieces/skywatcher-sp-plossl-eyepieces.html or GSO (Branded Revelation Astro) 9mm £15 - From AstroBoot While these may not be top end eyepieces the stock 10mm eyepiece that came with the scope is not
  5. Great first night, well done. I had my own in December after about 30 years away. Sorry to go off topic, i do that the pointing the scope downwards and then leave it. Is this the best way to store the scope or should it be horizontal?
  6. Was looking at the sky all day at work to see if this was going to be a go'er. Unfortunately the sky in Edinburgh is not playing ball.
  7. I was looking at that telescope myself and if i remember its the same as mine focal length of 750mm so with a 5mm eyepiece you will be getting 150x magnification. My guess is that you will not be able to use either Barlow with that eyepiece as the magnification would be too much.
  8. I'm 46 and i still get that feeling when looking at the moon so +1 for the moon.
  9. Unlucky, i've had the telescope for about 12 nights and that was night 4, sorry.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the 'moons app' that will be done today.
  11. Just had a great hour and a half outside tonight. I had to wait for the moon to come around from the building on the left but at approx 11pm it came out nice and clear. For the first time i was able to try both the stock 25mm and 10mm eyepieces on their own and again with the 2x barlow. After a bit of trial and error i just ended up with the 25mm for that wonderful full (well roughly half) moon image. As time moved on, there came Jupiter, with the 25mm eyepiece i could see three of the moons, one far to the left and two quite close together on the right. With the 10mm I could see all four moon
  12. I had the same problem as you and at a guess its the finder scope not being lined up with the scope. The moon can be so bright that you think its in the telescopes view but its not.
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