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  1. Well, I'm in Oban. And the only one for about 50 miles in any direction, it seems! Just as well as there are no clear nights anyway!
  2. That's me too...Oban. The nearest astronomers are light years away.
  3. Hi there, as the title says I'm looking for any astronomers in the Oban region for company when observing time comes back. Originally from Belfast, I was forced to move to the East Ayrshire region last January, where I linked up with some nice folks from the Ayrshire AS. Now work has dictated that I move again, and this time it's up to Oban, but there are no societies within more than 50 miles of me, as far as I can tell. So...can anybody here help? Thanks! Eamonn
  4. Jarbi, the idea of a faulty secondary is scary. I check all the screws regularly in case of loosening, but the primary mirror will be getting loosened this weekend to see how that goes. This thread has been very useful in widening my options, so thanks folks.
  5. Although the aperture is always tempting, I think the necessity of stepladders will stop me ever going beyond 16". As my back is never that good, a night spent with a 22" dob last summer left me in tatters with a twisted back, a cut on my forehead from whacking the Telrad repeatedly in the darkness, and a firm decision that it just wasn't worth doing permanently. If I bought one I'd be dead within a month!
  6. Some very useful stuff there, Steve, and the distancing Cheshire method to reduce parallax intrigues me. I'll PM you with my email address, and I'll work on the mirror clamp loosening and screw-down over the next few days. I was actually pricing re-coating by Orion Optics today.Do-able but expensive, but having the mirror checked by them as well would put my mind at rest. Calibos...no, I certainly didn't think you were running down the Hotech. It does become a compromise between perfection and price, as I said, and people sometimes have too many other priorities for their money. It's necessary to find out what's around and particularly to get evaluations from experienced users.
  7. Well, it depends on what you call "cold". It's worked down to about -2C without any problems. I use it mainly for educational purposes, as I tend to have a lot of beginners out on sessions, and it's a big help. Having a three stage red LED and white LED combined with it is a big plus.
  8. I'd a look at the Glatter in OPT and yes, it was both very expensive and well built. I'm happy with the Hotech as a good compromise between quality and price. As I use a Cheshire as well I'm also happy that my collimation is pretty good to begin with, as both methods confirm each other. I think the Ronchi grating is what I'll be looking at next, as I think I'd much better resolution with my previous 12" dob.
  9. I use a Hotech green laser. Never does anything except lase green. HoTech - Ultimate Green Laser with Flashlights, Green Laser, green laser pointer, green, laser sight, gunsight, telescope, laser collimator, laser mount, astronomy product, green laser with flashlight.reen Laser, green laser pointer, green laser astr
  10. The MPCC has to be screwed onto each eyepiece for use, whereas the Paracorr can be left in the focuser. A sliding scale on it adjusts it for whatever eyepiece is in place, locking it as well. I'm very happy with the Paracorr, and it also has a slight Barlowing effect, magnifying by 15%. Mind you, add it to a 35mm Panoptic and it looks as big as an artillery round. I also observe without glasses, and prefer it that way, and I've no difficulty getting stars as points.
  11. The Hotech is superb. None of the usual laser collimators will eliminate it, but in 2" mode it is rock solid, and in my focuser there is negligible movement, unlike the 1.25" collimators I've used before. It is wonderfully designed, like the green laser pointer/red light/white light combo he also produces....made to look like a Star Wars light sabre! Eamonn
  12. Well, I'd imagine my eyes would have produced the same image whatever scope I use. They don't. I can get pinpoint images, but they degrade when the magnification is stepped up. My Panoptic 35mm and 27mm give me incredible views of clusters. Bring the higher mags in and it all goes woozy in the Lightbridge.
  13. Just read that whole thread of Andrew's. One thing I can rule out is collimation. It's spot on, both with Cheshire and laser....I'm using the Hotech laser that is self centring and which has no slop at all. Astigmatism may be an answer, so I'll have a read up on that as well as checking the mirror clips.
  14. Andrew....that sounds exactly like the problem that I have. It must have been your earlier post that I read. Could we be looking at a manufacturing mirror flaw?
  15. No Mick. It isn't even a contrast issue. It simply isn't sharp enough to discern the level of detail I should be getting with the equipment. It's particularly noticeable with views of Saturn and, foe example, Epsilon Lyrae which I've never yet split. I'll try the mirror grip tightness if I can do a star test,
  16. Stevie, You're a scream! The other dob is an f 4.8, so no big difference there. It's not really coma, just a lack of sharpness and resolution. It's fine with bigger eyepieces, and my Paracorr goes a pretty good job right across the field, but once it gets down to using my Nagler 11mm and 7mm, getting a sharp focus is problematic.
  17. This is my first post here after just reading for a long while. Last night I read a post...and of course I can't find it today...about problems with image sharpness In 16" Lightbridges. I upgraded from 12" to 16" some time ago, and I've the same problem. My collimation...verified both by laser and Cheshire...seems to be spot on, yet I just can't get sharp images, despite using Televue eyepieces, long cool down times etc. When observing a couple of nights ago I noticed tht my friend was getting far better resolution in his 10" Skywatcher Dob with both Baader and my Televue eyepieces, and it's been bugging me since. Like the other poster I've noticed this also with binaries..a bit smeary rather than pinpoints, and even coma correction hasn't helped. Anyone got any suggestions?
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