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  1. exalent thankx for all the advice i am new to this so i think that colmati thingamebob i will leave and pay someone to do it i will go out on sat to the top of a hill and give the scope 30 min to get down to temp then giv it a bash you said filters do they go on the end of my scope or at the eye pice because i have my camera filters but they are to small for the end of my scope mabe i will add them to the long list of shoping i have to do also will try the end cap smaller hole i quess it will work the same as f stops on a camera (less light more exposure clera immage thanx again dave95979 )
  2. i tried to see jupiter but all i saw was a disc quite well difined but no detail i could see all 4 moons as pin pricks should i see some colour or a bit more detail what should i expect ? i have a helios d=114 f=1000 ithink it is a 4 or 4 1/2 inch with 4 mm 12.5 mm 20 mm cheap as chips eye bits semi built up area with a little light polution thanx in advance dave
  3. well i have looked at the moon in daylight it was a lot better than the pic but all exsited now i want to go out and serch for saturn !!
  4. thanx for the welcome !! i have read some of the posts in here they have anserd most of my questions i think i mey try my hand at photography and see how that goes i am 36 by the way but probabley should take a adult lol
  5. hi i am dave from eastleigh hamshire i have just got a helios d=114mm f=1000mm coated optics telescope for my birthday i dont know wether it is a good or bad telliscope but i think i saw saturn wit it not to good though i was indoors through the window! i am going to goto chesfoot head i think a load of people get up there with telescopes when it is a clear night to see what i can see !!!
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