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  1. Another brilliant image with loads of interesting info to go with it.
  2. Wow, Fantastic image and superb detail:icon_eek:
  3. Hi all, I've been searching for some insurance for my kit and have come across a company called Glover & Howe. They offer cover for astronomy and photographic equipment. I got an online quote of £96 for up to £6000 worth of kit which seemed pretty good to me. I did look at going through the house contents cover but that only covers single items up to £1000. Has anyone else heard for this company or could anyone recommend a good company. Thanks Sid.
  4. I'm looking forward to getting out and giving the Ethos a good try-out. It will be interesting to see what improvement i get with the filter as i have a nice dark site so light pollution isn't really an issue but it might help enhance the views a little. I'll post a review as soon as the whether improves!!
  5. Well, I have finally given in and joined the Tele Vue eyepiece club. They looked so nice and shiny in the display case that i couldn't resist any longer:D I finally settled for the 13mm Ethos as this seemed like a good starting point and it was a good bit cheaper than the 17mm. I also picked up a 2" Bandmate Nebustar filter to use as a general purpose UHC filter as i got a good deal on it because of the eyepiece. I haven't heard much about these filters so any feedback would be helpful. Just gotta wait for the whether to improve so i can get out there and try it out. ( raining at the mo):( Sid
  6. Hi Amanda. The April edition of Sky at night mag had a mini group test of LP filters. The Orion Ultrablock Narrowband won. Its £58 so not the cheapest but it beat the Baader UHC-S. Hope this helps
  7. I'm looking to get myself a new laptop and after having a look around online i am still none the wiser:icon_scratch: I want to use it for imaging and controlling my scope. I have an Imac as my main PC so the laptop would be purely for astronomical use. I'm guessing that i am gonna have to get a Windows based machine as most of the software available seems to favor these over Apple. ( and they are cheaper!!) I was looking to spend around £500, so any advise would be a great help:confused:
  8. Sidney

    Hello from Norfolk

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I would like to get to Kelling in the Autumn, work permitting!! You're right, we do have nice dark skies around here ( not a street light for miles around :-) )
  9. Hello all. After much time spent stargazing with a pair of bino's i have recently took the plunge and bought myself a telescope. I settled on a Celestron CPC 9.25 with a few goodies and am very impressed:D ( bank account not so happy tho!!!) After having a look around the forum i thought it would be a good idea to join as you seem like a friendly bunch who are only too willing to help a newbie like me with any problems:)
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