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  1. Ive just ordered a Skywatcher Evoguide 50 and am planning to use with my QHY5liim guide camera but wondered if anyone has done this already and what adapters I may need to connect the 2. Regards Rich
  2. Sorry to revive this but could you link me to the rings you purchased and also what adapters you used to mount them
  3. This was with a Ha filter, somewhere around 2 seconds.
  4. Can anyone help? First time creating flat frames and this was my result. Used an ipad on white screen and ADU of 25000, 100 frames (I know that's over kill but had the time) which kept histogram around 30-50% and then was calibrated with Masterbias and Masterdark and Integrated in PixInsight. I was expecting to see a regular vignette pattern but does this seem like a correct flat? Shown is the linear and stretched version.
  5. Hi all Im about to purchase a ZWO ASI183MM for my Skywatcher 80ED DS-Pro, But im struggling to figure out what the correct backspacing will need to be. I will have the 0.84x Reducer and EFW Mini Filter wheel in there too. Will I need any spacers to focus correctly? Rich
  6. Sorry I haven't had much input in this thread but it seems that it is a hard copy to find, I keep looking at your guys' progress before I take the plunge, hopefully we manage to find an accurate seller.
  7. Good point, but I like gadgets! Also, it did actually make the adjustments easier, as I'm adjusting the screws while just watching the laptop screen and not having to go to back and forth to the eye piece. I also used it for aligning the secondary to the primary too. Rich
  8. Yup, Telescope Circles is the software. Webcam arrived an hour ago, got it stripped and mounted in my 3d printed adapter, and now aligning secondary using said software. It is important to keep the original lens on the webcam to do this, and not use a tradition webcam nose adapter.
  9. I have 3D printed an adapter that will house it in the focuser, it is a very tight fit so there is no play at all, and i don't even need to use the securing screws Ah ok I see that now, yeah looks like I have some tilt on the secondary then, just waiting for the postman so I can get a much better look, gunna start from scratch tonight and see what difference it makes. Rich
  10. Wow, I didn't realise this thread was still going, I'm glad it has been helpful to some, and for the more experienced users to share there knowledge, this may be invaluable to myself and others. In reference to the above, what part of my image is being referred to as concentric as I appear to have the offset correct. I have attached the image again to save folk trawling back through the thread to find my original image. Hopefully tomorrow a webcam I've ordered specifically for using as a collimation aid arrives so I can try a more precise collimation.
  11. Has anyone received their copy of Astronomy Now yet?
  12. Looks really nice mate, well done!
  13. All the suggestions are going down well and Observing and Cataloguing Nebulae and Star Clusters seems like the best choice, however I can't seem to see this on amazon for under a tenner like people are mentioning, I only see it for around £130!! Does anyone have a link to the 'under a tenner' one? As for why the book, Im just after one resource that I can use to plan my imaging sessions, and maybe find a hidden gem every now and then that might go un-noticed by the many. Rich
  14. Im using pixinsight, I would have to re do it to know at what point in processing I caused it, curves was my very last step so if it was that I should be able to reprocess pretty quickly
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