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  1. After doing some more research, it seems with an OIII filter any improvement will be much less noticable in dark skies. So how much useful it will be in dark skies I'm not sure yet. And Talitha thank you very much for your link; it was very useful.
  2. Simple question: Would a filter (I'm thinking of the Skywatcher OIII Filter) make a difference in reasonably dark skies (ie dark enough to see the Milyway) when observing nebula? In other word is it worth getting one? The scope is 10" Skywatcher Dob. Thanks
  3. I just came across this and wanted your opinions since I've never bought second-hand before. http://stargazerslounge.com/sale/80421-11mm-televue-plossls.html I'm not sure about the 'bluish' and 'greenish' coatings he mentions. Is that normal? Do you think he is reliable (no offence to the seller but I have to make sure).
  4. Also is it advisable to buy via the forums? If I do decide to buy I should probably look to buy from one of the more distinguished members. Am I right in thinking that a used eyepiece, if looked after well, should perform as well as a new one?
  5. I knew my question was daft but nothing wrong in making sure. I admit that at the moment I don't have much idea about these things but hopefully I will learn as time goes on.
  6. dweller25, I just found your thread on the same subject. I must have missed it when I did my initial search. And thanks for your advice.
  7. A 9mm would give too much magnification I think (focal length 1200mm) especially when used with a barlow. I may consider the 11mm (or the 10.5mm if I can find one). Just to clarify something; when calculating magnification if I get a recurring number (as I do when dividing 1200 by 11) does it mean that the eyepiece will not be ideal or is that irrelevant? Sorry if that question seems daft to the more experienced of you.
  8. Yes sorry. The scope is a 10" F/4.7 dob. I intend to use it for both planets and DSO at magnifications of 120X and sometimes 240X.
  9. Can someone please reccommend me a good 10mm eyepiece (less than £100). There doesn't seem to be many out there. The only one I came across was a Celestron X-Cel but with that one it seems I would be paying for the eye-relief rather than optical quality. Thanks
  10. The scope has not been delivered yet. The problem is even if I try it, me being a beginner, I wouldn't know if what I'm seeing is the best the telescope can deliver. So having spent £400 on the telescope spending another £100 to squeeze more out of it would a worhwhile investment. And thank you for the continued advice.
  11. Thanks. That really solves a dilemma. I really did not want to spend around £80 on a barlow. Therefore this is my decision: -Televue 8mm plossly and TAL 2X barlow Other people's opinion will be very important at this stage before I part with £100. In particular I want to make sure that: -buying the TAL barlow is not false economy and I will still be able to get the best out of the expensive Televue eyepiece when its used with the TAL barlow. -quality wise the Televue 8mm plossl is a significant and therefore worthwhile improvement over the supplied 10mm eyepiece. -as I've mentioned the telesco
  12. I just came across the TAL 2X barlow. It seems to have good quality for its price. Is is advisable to use this barlow with a good quality eyepiece like a Televue Plossl or would it ruin the effectiveness of the eyepiece?
  13. The TeleVue 8mm Plossl seems like the best choice. Am I right in assuming that this will be a significant improvement over the supplied 10mm? (what about if the supplied 10mm is used with a good quality barlow?) As always I am open to suggestions if there are better eyepieces for a similar price.
  14. Ok. I will definitely be replacing the 10mm eyepiece. My choices seem to be: Televue 8mm Possl Baader 7 or 9mm Celestron X-Cel Series 10mm Meade Series 4000/5000 Super Possl -basically something in the 7-10mm range. And I intend to use them with a 2X barlow. Unfortunately I have no idea how these compare with each other and the supplied 10mm. So again I have to ask for your advice as to which is the best for a F/4.7 10" reflector. I am prepared to spend close to £100 as long as there will be a significant improvment over the supplied eyepiece.
  15. Ok thanks. I will be ordering the telescope within the next few days and will check with the supplier. In the meantime I have done more research and its my understanding now that with the supplied eyepieces I won't be able to get the most out of this telescope (I guess its not as simple as just choosing the telescope). Looking at other reviews the 25mm one seems to be quite adequate as the previous posters pointed out. My intention therefore is to keep using the 25mm eyepiece to start with but buy a decent high power eyepiece. I am looking for something that will give me around X120 (and X240
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