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  1. I was lucky i could lay in bed and watch it happen,naked eye though..
  2. Hi all,i am after some advice,i would like to purchase a dslr camera to be used for general photography but to also do some basic astrophotograpy,the canon 1200d and nikon 3200 are both in budget.( around £300) but i am confused as to which is best.Any advice would be appreciated before i take the plunge.
  3. Fantastic. There are a lot of posts on here that say the canon 1200d is not great for astrophotograpy but that looks pretty good to me.
  4. I too replaced my originals with bst's totally agree a very nice bit of kit,the 8mm is next on my list.i have tbe 18mm and 12mm at the moment.
  5. As a relative noobie to astronomy i love seeing what is achievable.im saving my pennies to get a camera to try it for myself (although no where near as good as most on here for quite some time im sure)Anyway it sure beats some of the drivvle thats posted on other social network sites by a mile.....
  6. Just come in from having my best viewng evening so far.After the last few evenings weather at last a clear spell.Jupiter is at last in a position i can view with no trees in the way,what a treat ,very clear banding,and to top it off comet lovejoy directly above my house,naked eye too.
  7. Lovely pic,is that a hint of a tail below it or just reflections.
  8. I have just found it,using heavens above i went out and found it within 5 mins just above my neighbours house small fuzzy grey patch with brighter centre.My first comet:-)
  9. Hi Adam,your'e a lucky man,i used to live in a little village called great ellingham near attleborough.very dark skies there as there were no street lights.Beautiful part of the country.
  10. I too got a couple of bst's from santa,what a good quality,heavy,and beautiful piece of equipment compared to the ep's that came with my scope.Am thinking now would changing the 2x barlow that came with my scope for a more expensive one make my viewing even better,any thoughts?
  11. mondeoman


    Watched with my daughter,she was amazed,shes seen santa,
  12. Just come in, just started to cloud over but managed to get a great view of jupiter,bands were very prominent aswell as its moons Merry christmas everyone.
  13. Please can someone tell me if i have spotted m42 for the first time.After searching orion for a while i spotteda cluster of 4 stars surrounded by a whitish haze below and to the right of the belt of orion am i right as being pretty new to astronomy it will be only my second dso find
  14. What a fascinating programme i wouldn't mind a VLT but i dont think it will fit in my garden
  15. Sorry ,i have a skywatcher skyhawk 114 and stock ep's and live in a town with lp
  16. Just come in after spotting m31 for the first time i think ,a misty grey patch just a short distance from mirach.Am i right ?. Being new to astronomy i wasnt sure what to expect.very exciting though.
  17. I went into currys today and held it ,i did find it a bit small for my hands,it didnt feel well balanced to me
  18. Thanks ronin,i have seen in other posts BST's mentioned and recommended so they may go on my wish list for christmas
  19. Hi everyone,im thinking of upgrading my ep's,and what with christmas just around the corner (or so the shops think) i have just what came with my skywatcher skyhawk 114 which is a super 10mm a super25 wide angle and a 2x barlow.With a budget for santa of £100 can anyone advise of the best ones to replace with,and will they make a lot of difference to my viewing.
  20. Hi all i am a total newbie to astronomy, i have bought myself a skywather skyhawk 114 as it seemed to be a good entry level scope (you tube recommendation).Only set it up on saturday so got one evenings viewing the rest have rained.i have also got a couple of books and a planesphere to help me, unfortunately where i live has quite a bit of light pollution so would a filter help?
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