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  1. Thank you for your interest and looking the scope has now been sold.
  2. Hi Steve if you wanted to have a look you're more than welcome to pop up for a cuppa.
  3. Hi everyone I am selling my WO Z73. I bought it last year to take away on holiday with me but it ended up staying at home. It has been sat on my shelf and has only ever been used once - my 80ED is more familiar to setup and the WO has been overlooked at every opportunity to get an imaging session done. The scope comes with the WO red dot finder and it is all as new in mint condition, if I were to be very picky I’d have to say that there is one tiny blemish, one very light mark on the dovetail bar where it was once mounted on my EQ5. So if you’re interested or want any more photos o
  4. With regards as to what to do next, I'd love to see Jupiter for £100. Maybe even up the budget to £150 to be in line with "Deep Space for £150"
  5. I was actually about to put a link in the Astro-lounge to your YouTube channel and suggest the SGL community check it out. However i found you're already here. I've watched all your Astro videos on YT and quite frankly I can't wait for what's next!
  6. Ha ha I’ve found Astrobiscuit on SGL. Great videos Rory, keep up the good work.
  7. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed that
  8. Couldn't resist a follow up to my previous post, this one not so zoomed in. Nikon D810, Sky-Watcher Skymax 150, ISO 80 1/60th Second
  9. Hi everyone, my first post in ages. Thought I'd have a crack at capturing the Lunar X and V close up last evening to share with you all. Hope you like. Craig Nikon D810, Sky-Watcher Skymax 150 and Celestron 2.5x Barlow, ISO 80 at 1"
  10. As I was typing out that last post I was thinking "Garry will pick me up on my signature block" and how right I was. There we go, all better now that balance has once again been restored!
  11. Glad to see it all raring to go Garry, should be a clear night. On that basis alone I'd defo buy a lottery ticket.
  12. Hi everyone I am putting up for sale my SW 150 Skymax. I have had this about 10 months and although I really like it I am selling some of my kit to fund a CCD purchase. It has a modern SCT thread to fit a focuser if desired and is in top condition with a few marks along the dovetail. I have upgraded the diagonal as the one that came with it was a bit rubbish. Comes with standard finder scope and 28mm eyepiece. Great views of the moon and planets but funding a wide field habit. Please get in touch if interested at the asking price of £300.
  13. Oh it's all very confusing you know Hope you all enjoy anyway, will see what bit I can glimpse in the early morning. Thanks again one and all!
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