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  1. Hi. I've been keeping my Skywatcher 150P in it's box when it's not being used. I like the idea of leaving it set up on the mount though in the house (partly to remind me to use it and also because it looks so nice!). Is this a sensible thing to do or is it better off left in the box? My EQ5 is left assembled but with the counterweight removed-is OK to leave the weight on if the telescope isn't attached or will it put the mount under stress? Any advice welcome.
  2. Thank you all for your responses. I've ordered TL@O, will look at Floater's recommended site & download the apps. Stellarium doesn't work on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525: 32bit, Windows Vista) so I will have to look into why...? Will take a look at Orion and M42 when the weather improves here in Kent. Any tips on trying to view Mars & Venus together on Saturday night?
  3. Hi I'm a beginner. I've bought a lovely Skywatcher 150P Newt. which I have on an EQ5. I've got great clear skies in rural Kent but I don't always have that much time for my new hobby. So far I've observed the moon which was wonderful to see for the first time and had 3 sightings of Jupiter-also fantastic to see the bands and the moons. My problem is that there never seems to be anything else obvious for me to train the scope on. I know I'm not even beginning to explore the possibilities with it so would like some advice on how to unlock the other objects out there. Would an app (for android), a website or a book help me perhaps know when is a good time to schedule my observing? I have Planets app but that's only good on the night. Suggestions warmly received. Thanks!
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