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  1. Hi all I have 2 questions that are probably silly but here goes lol. There are suppose to be clear skies tonight for a bit, so I might try some imaging again. My first question is how many darks should be taken in a session? or is there like a ratio to light frames? Also if I wanted to build up a collection of darks which I will take on the cloudy nights in various temperatures how many darks should I take one night. My 2nd question is if I want to image stars like Albeiro would I need long exposures or would a collection of say 10 secs be more than plenty for stars? Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Hey all, just thought that I would share on my thread what case I got after for my EQ5 mount head. I went to my local Clas Ohlson on the weekend and found the following: http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Instrument%20Case/Pr314142000 Of course I had to buy the largest case on that which was £59.99, but I can confirm that it is a lovely case and takes the EQ5 mount head ok. Unsure if the HEQ5 or an EQ6 would fit, but EQ5 fits great. The foam is all pre-cut as well in square chunks, so it was easy to create the shape. It can be stored flat or upright and the head don't move. Just thought I would post a solution in case anyone is looking for a case.
  3. Strange, just tried it as a guest and the link opened ok. Mystery that one.
  4. Thanks all for the great advice. The night I took the subs it was clear with no mist or high cirrus as I do check with met office, unless it was because it was a little low in the sky. I need to get into my head that I need to do a lot more subs for images now, as with my Alt/Az I was limited to short exposures and stuff. Here is the TIF file unprocessed if someone wants to have a look. Any help and advice on where I went wrong would be appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfzkblekqjhwir9/M51%2060%20secs.TIF?dl=0 Thanks everyone, much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I need some suggestions on ideas for a carry case to protect my EQ5 mount. I have looked around and found that 365 Astronomy does a Skywatcher case for £85. I don't mind paying this as the mount does need protection as it is not cheap, but I was thinking of this aluminium flight cases that Maplins or CPC does and wondered if these were ok. Also I don't think the flight cases come with foam do they, you got to buy it separately. If anyone has suggestions I would be greatful. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I need some advice and help. I have attached 2 images below of the M51 from my last session out with the scope. I have a lot of LP as can be seen from the one, even though I used a LP Filter. I ran a pass through GradientXtermainator and it looks like the second image. For some reason this time, I can't seem to remove the LP on this image and bring out any detail. Obviously these are the TIF files I am working from, but I was wondering if there is too much LP in this image to remove and these will have to be wasted? I processed a M51 before and got the object out, but I can't get do nothing with these. They were 15 x 60 sec subs stacked in DSS. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks all, some really great advice. After 4 failed attempts at setting up the EQ5, last night was the first time I got it polar aligned and the goto working OK. So probably I am out somewhere with regards to the tracking. It could be balancing as I didn't balance the scope with the camera on, so maybe that could be one issue, another is probably my Polar Alignment as for the first time last night I understood the engravings in the polar scope. I have plenty to work with above and now the next clear night I will know how to set it up, so I can work on what has been above to see where the stars are elongating and improve my tracking. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  8. Thanks all for the advice. Here is the full frame image without any crops after I stacked them in DSS. I used a Bahitov mask and didn't realise the focus was out that bad until I cropped it. Thanks again.
  9. Hi thanks for the comments. @Freddie To be honest I am new to imaging with a EQ mount, so to be honest I am not sure how to know. It might be the SLR is was not right, as when the shots were taken they were taken in portrait mode, so don't know if that would make a difference. I will have to take a look at that when I get out next with the scope and see if I can find which is causing it, or if it was tracking. Maybe I might try a 2 star alignment to see if that helps tracking. Thanks again.
  10. Hi all, after all the trial and error with the EQ5, I managed to get it setup and do some imaging. So I thought I would try M57 Ring Nebula. I know this is a hard target, and through a 130P DS with a Canon 1000D it appears small, but I did a crop and this is the result. I don't think the light pollution filter worked very well, as I still got the same amount of orange in the original image as I do without so was a little bit disappointed with the filter. Anyway here is a quick edit and I got the same issue with a M51 that I can't get any detail out of. This was taken using 60 sec subs and I only managed to add 20 darks to the stacking process. The background is a bit light after using GradientXtreme filter, but I shall work on them and try and learn more techniques to remove light pollution from the images. Thanks for looking and any advice is appreciated.
  11. Hey all, just want to thank all for the advice you have given me. I followed the update instructions for the polar scope, got polaris in the right position. Did my usually setup routine and did a 1 star alignment. And the goto was bang on target. The object was in the center of the FOV every time. I tried imaging and went up to 90 seconds and I got no star trailing, so I was quite happy with that for 1 star alignment. Thanks all and thought I would post my success story and will be willing to help any new owners with problems they might have with this mount.
  12. Hey, I have only had this mount for a month and I am having some issues with it, but with help from here and a few videos I have eliminated most of them. First thing to check, if the scope is going the opposite way is have you got the date entered as MM / DD / YYYY ? I made this mistake on my Alt Az syncscan and the scope went the wrong way. Also have you entered your co-ordinates correct? this can make the scope behave oddly. Also have you set your home position correctly? from youtube videos I have concluded the following: With only the counterweight bar on the mount, loosen the RA clutch and using a spirit level ensure the bar is horizontal and level with the ground. Then set the time dial 0 to the little arrow next to the DEC screw and turn RA so that the dial moves to 6 o clock and bar is straight down. Then loosen the DEC clutch, put spirit level where dovetail goes, level and turn the degree dial by the counter weight bar to 0. Then turn DEC until this reads 90 degrees. lock the clutch. This should then mean when the scope is attached, it is pointing straight up towards north and this is your home position. I had this wrong my first attempt and this caused my scope to go the wrong direction. Hope this helps you out.
  13. Just an update and maybe something that will help people in the future with the EQ5 pro goto mount. Looks like this is the new Polar Scope by SW. Below is the amendment sheet with the instructions for the mount lol. Looks like I got some learning to do again on polar alignment lol. What you knowledgeable people think? Thanks.
  14. I don't know tbh, I bought the mount from FLO and this is the polar scope that came with it. I might have to give FLO a message tomorrow and see. As if this is a polar scope for the South, then makes sense why I feel like an idiot lol. Thanks all
  15. Thanks all for some great advice. I know it is a little mistake I am doing, and if I am honest I think it is the polar alignment. Yes the handset is V4 software. Having owned the alt/Az syncscan I know that the date format is American and know the co-ordinates are correct. I am sure I got polaris, as checked with Google Sky Map but will check again. The polar scope markings are confusing and look like below. The 3 is at the top, with 0 on the left, 6 on the right and 9 at the bottom. I haven't got a little circle for polaris like all tutorials show. This is confusing to me. I will have to try a compass and maybe only doing a 1 star or 2 star alignment. Thanks again and any advice on this polar scope be appreciated.
  16. Hi all, I still need help with my EQ5 pro goto alignment. The scope will go approximately to the first star, for example, Alioth. I center the star and then I chose vega and the scope seems to arrive way off target. So chose Caph as my 3rd star and the same again, way off. Then the goto is off. My setup procedure is: Point N leg to polaris Level tripod with spirit level Attach mount head Polar align by using a printout put polaris in the same position in scope Set the home position Attach weight Attach 130p DS so pointing north Balance scope on Ra and Dec Configure handset double checking I input all ok I don't know if because I got 3 at the top of my polar scope reticule, I am putting polaris in the wrong place by following the diagram. The scope is balanced, leveled and good power supply but it just not accurate on the goto. I am getting frustrated as this is my 4th try and not done any observing or imaging. Also clouds keep rolling in, so I can't take another go at it so then it in doors for a few days lol. Any help as I am puzzled now. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hey all, sorry for the stupid questions but now I am having issues with the goto. Set it up last night following Astro shed video and while I think I got the polar alignment wrong, I did point the N leg to polaris. Following his sequence when I did the home position, the polar align hole was blocked so I had to adjust this to enable viewing and think this did not help. I did a 2 star alignment and after this the handset said successful. When tgoing to a star the scope was way off position, so I am guessing I did something wrong during setup. Can bad polar alignment cause the goto to be off? I checked date and time, Co ordinates, etc and all was fine but the goto was way out. Then clouds rolled in. Going to try tonight again. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Hi all I wonder if anyone could tell me if it is possible to re-position the crosshair in the polar scope so that the 0 is at the top?? At the moment I have the 3 roughly the top and polar finder software shows 0 or 12 at the top. So unfortunately I cant just follow the app and position polaris at where it shows as I guess the alignment would be out. I assume you cant just turn a printout or the app to match the view in the polar scope, as it would be that simple surely lol. Also I looked in Stellarium and I see for 23:00 pm tonight the HA showed something like 15h 35 min, which I don't understand how to use to polar align. Sorry for the stupid questions but I am will be right once I have done it once or twice and we are suppose to be having clear skies Wednesday and Thursday night, so hoping to get first light with the EQ5 Pro. Thanks again for any advice.
  19. Thanks for that suggestion on Polar Aligning. That sounds much better than using the diagram. As looking at it, I was thinking "how do that work then?" lol I shall try that the next time we get a clear night. Thanks again.
  20. Just thought I would update everyone. Thanks to the advice above I managed to sort out my mount head fitting problem, so that is sorted now. The reason I had the scope going to the ground was because of what big Sumorian said. I had the home position wrong. Followed a YouTube video, I put the scope on the right way and when I tried an test alignment in the garden. I selected Arcturus, the scope turned ok and stop. I used Google Sky Map to see which area of the sky arcturus was in and the scope was in the right area lol. So I think I have sussed that part of the scope thanks to the advice here. Now I need to learn about Polar Aligning lol. Thanks all.
  21. Thanks for the replies, that is one part sorted, due to a rookie mistake. I didn't even think of the 2 having to be slackened off more. I did that and the mount head fits lovely and flush now in the North position lol. My next thing to work out is the position of the scope, as thinking about it that might have been partly to due with the scope not moving the right way. I simutate a setup procedure this afternoon in doors and put a picture up of how I position the scope on the mount, as I probably got that wrong as well being new to EQ mounts. Then I need to work out the reticle for polar aligning as I can see the octant circles, the center piece with NCP and SCP but I can not see the circle to position Polaris in. Thanks again for the great advice for a EQ newbie with probably stupid questions lol.
  22. Thanks for the replies. Yes the locating pin is pointing north as well as the North on the tripod. Hmm come to think of it, i am now wondering if I loosened the 2 adjustment knobs off enough to sit it on the pin. I slacken them, but did I leave enough gap. I will check that later. Thanks again, appreciated.
  23. Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the confusion I meant to put up there mm/dd/yyyy. I do own a alt Az syncscan so do know it is American format, so that was not the issue. I double checked the date twice. I can't locate the black knobs either side of the locating pin as the mount will not sit flush. Thanks
  24. Hi all, I need some advice. Tonight was clear so I thought I would give the new EQ5 pro a go. Set it up, and because I was only going to try it on visual use, I thought I would skip a detailed polar alignment as I struggled to get my head around it and set it up north and give it a whirl. I balanced the scope, etc and I set up the date, time, co-ordinates in the handset checking carefully if I entered the month right, as it is dd/mm/yyyy and ensured I set the 003 14 W 51 14 N accurately (used to this as I had a alt/az goto) and thought great, 2 star alignment. Then the scope started to turn move to arcturus but it decided to start going and pointing downwards into the ground. So I stopped the scope and check my handset, all seemed fine. Power Tank was charged, but the scope went wayward. And I can't see what went wrong. Then the clouds started rolling in. I have some questions below which might or might not be of an issue: 1) when polar aligning how do you align polaris in the polar scope? As When I look through mine, I see a circle in the middle with 0, 3, 6, 9, 12. I see a pattern of stars at the bottom right of the scope. So Which of those circles do I put polaris in?? 2) I pointed the tripod with the N on it to north, and then looking at a vid on youtube the guy says that the 2 black knobs sit over the locating pin? when I try that the mount head won't fit and I can't tighten it up. I can fit it if I rotate the head, but then the polar scope is pointing west. This confused me completely. That is all for now. Any help you can give will be appreciated as I am pretty disappointed as I guess it was my error, but I could not see how. Thanks in advance.
  25. Thanks for the detailed response, much appreciated. Unfortunately, Being 38 next week, I have heard the "pull me - push you" expression lmao. What you posted made much more sense than the included instructions with the mount lol. When we get the skies clear next, I will look forward to trying it out. Thanks again.
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