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  1. Hey all, seeing as the moon is bright in the sky I decided to try some Lunar imaging for a change. I was coming home and only had my Canon 1000D with me, so I decided to pull over in a layby and take a few shots. It was taken using a Tamron 75 - 300mm zoom lens and using 1/500 and ISO 400. I had never done a moon shot with a Camera on a Tripod before, but was quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks for viewing.
  2. Hey all, it has been a while given the terrible weather we have had lately but the last 2 nights I have been able to get the scope out. I decided to image the M97 Owl Nebula a go as I haven't imaged it before. I didn't realise till after that I also manage to catch the M108 in the image as well. This is 15 x 80 Secs lights with 5 Flats and 3 Darks. Lucky as the objects were above the house, light pollution was a lot less so could keep more detail. Thanks for viewing
  3. This is similar to the new Polar Scope that comes with the EQ5's now. I had the same issues with trying to understand it. I will post a scan of an instruction sheet which should help you out. Ignore the part about the syncscan and download and use Polar Finder as mentioned by Stub Mandrel to get the clock position of Polaris. Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for the reply. The possibility of light entering could have been a possibility on the M42 one it was low and close to the street light at the time of imaging. The Leo triplet one weren't really near a light to get stray light in. Also no I don't cap the view finder but that weren't pointing near a light source. But I will take a look the next time I get the scope out as it could very well be possible. Thanks again for the advice.
  5. Hey, I should have mentioned the setup. I got a 2" LP filter on a 2" nose piece on my DSLR. Then I insert into my focuser on my Skywatcher 130P DS.
  6. Hey all, so after nearly 3 months of not getting out with my scope I managed last night to get out and try and do some imaging. I wanted to capture the M42 primarily and I also tried the triplets in Leo. First up is my M42, I knew Orion was low so I thought I would use my Skywatcher LP Filter. I noticed the last time I used it a strange effect from the light pollution, but didn't get a chance till last night to try it again. And it is there again. It is the strange gradient on the right The same effect can be seen in Leo Triplet (yes I am missing the third one...oops) not as obvious as the objects were more away from the street light. I have check the filter for smudges and it is clean, so why the filter gives that effect I have no idea. Can anyone offer me a solution as it is only 4 months old bought from FLO. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, I took this about a week or so ago but only got around to processing it recently. It is 35 x 80 second light with 15 flat and 10 darks. I take a few more but due to wind, a shooting star and a plane appearing in some shots these were the 35 that were actually useable lol. I am kinda happy but do plan on going to a dark site and see If I can get some more Nebulosity to show up. But reasonably pleased with the image of my 2nd favourite DSO. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hey all, so with last Friday being a clear night and even though I had moonlight and street light glow to contend with I decided to give M31 another go. This time I used 35 x 90 sec subs with 10 flats and 10 darks stacked in DSS and processed in PS. I didn't use my LP filter and I think with the practice I am putting in I am now starting to get to understand how to use curves and levels. Think I was pushing 90 secs a bit unguided, but it was just an experiment to be honest. Anyway the image is below and I have had a few comments from my old GCS Astronomy teacher. Thanks for viewing.
  9. That is a very useful tip thanks James. This is my tracking on a 80 secs on a single, unprocessed sub taken last night as a test. It was a bit windy so probably not helped but am quite happy even though the stars are slightly out of shape I am thinking which I don't know is cause errors in the tracking or something else. Thanks.
  10. Thanks all. Yeah I am happy with 60 secs subs unguided, but still get some strange shape in my stars so need to improve my PA. It is the goto that I wanted more accurate, as trying to position M31 by moving the scope and firing off 5 sec subs to see where I am is a little tricky. I will try a 3 star alignment and using the advice given above of using the wide area of the sky instead of close starts and try it. Also I got the V4 handset and software and a different polar scope with my EQ5 pro. I have uploaded a few images already in the Deep Sky imaging section. Thanks again.
  11. Hi all I need some advice. I am having a weird issue with my EQ5 Pro Goto accuracy. I polar align and then begin a 1 or 2 star alignment. I use the first star as Vega and select Enif as the second as I tried a 2-star alignment tonight and I use a 25 mm eyepiece BTW. The scope slewed from the home position to Vega and it got close-ish and I brought it into the eyepiece using the handset and centered it. Great, I then went to Enif and the star was in the eyepiece, but off center so I centered it and alignment successful. Great. So I send the scope back to Vega and switch from the eyepiece to my DSLR. The star is middle. Send it to Alkaid as a test, star still center, send it to M57 appears in the middle of the live view. Send it to M31 or M45 and M31 is bottom right in the live view and M45 appears only showing 2 stars. Slew back to M57 bang middle. IS this normal with the goto and SLR and are there any tips to help make the goto more accurate. Also no matter how good I get my polar alignment and tripod level, I still get slight trailing/odd shaped stars on 60 sec exposures. Could the mount be slipping and that is why the goto off and my stars are odd shaped/trailing? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Here are 2 shots I took with my phone camera, the bluer one is with the filter and the other is without. What do people think about it? could that where I am getting my blue bias from in the images? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for the advice. Yeah I know certain type of street lights cant be filtered. When I used my 1.25 Baader Neodyium filter that made a difference on my Webcam, but this one seems to have a blue / grey tint but don't seem to do much lol. Thanks again.
  14. Hi all I need some advice. I bought a 2" LP filter from FLO about a month ago. It was the skywatcher one, but the box or filter don't say Skywatcher anywhere and it just came in a black box and protective case. I am using the filter attached on a 2" Nosepiece on my 1000D DSLR but to be honest the filter does not do anything. The orange glow is the same with or without and I think if anything the filter is actually reducing the detail getting to the DSLR camera. Any help is appreciated as I know they don't remove all light pollution but I did expect to have some of the orange glow removed from images. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for having a go at the image and the comments. I think it is tracking as when I used the scope on my Alt/Az mount and did only 30 secs, I had no issues with the star shapes. But I will check collimation. I think the blue bias maybe coming from my Skywatcher LP Filter. I bought the filter from FLO but for some reason using it don't make no difference to the LP pollution only what I think is add a blue tint to the image. The image is as orange with or without. Thanks again.
  16. Thanks all. Below is the dropbox link to the file for anyone who what to have a go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nosdut67use8bzy/Autosave002.tif?dl=0 Thanks.
  17. @JohnnyD33 No I don't mind you having a go at my image. Actually that is pretty good. I have been trying for 2 days to try and improve my image and to be honest, I have struggled to remove the blue and bring any more detail out in it. But then I am a complete novice at post processing and got a lot learn which I am trying to do lol. How you did that is amazing. I definitely need to practice lol. Any tips haha. I do use PS and I will give those plugins a try. Thanks again.
  18. Hey all, the other night while there was a lot of damp in the air and this did not help with LP I decided to try and image the M31. I took 60 x 1 min subs I got 10 flats and 10 Darks thrown in for good measure and then processed it. I found this very hard to process and while I will go back and see if I can get more detail out this, this is my result I got so far. The only disappointment is that I got red/orange gradient above the M31 that I can't get rid of and I think this spoils it. But the image is below so advice and criticism is appreciated. Thanks all.
  19. Sorry for the late reply. Yeah I did get it sorted but my problem was the fact that my Polar Alignment was way out due to me not understanding the new markings that Sky Watcher have put in the polar scope. Since then I have not had a real issue. The only thing I can think is that it is a power issue or something has gone wrong with the mount. Sorry I can't be any more help as still relativity new to the EQ5.
  20. On the V3 syncscan for EQ mounts you need to enter elevation during setup do you?? as on my V4 syncscan I only have to enter longitude, Latitude Date, Time, DST and Time Zone and that is it. I have never entered Elevation on this one or my old Alt/Az V3 Syncscan. As I am wondering if the problem could be coming from the elevation setting. Maybe you could try resetting the syncscan handset and start over and see if it asks you for elevation or incase the software is having a glitch or a setting not right. Could be worth a try.
  21. Great 1st attempt at the M42. I do admit that the M42 is my favourite DSO and one I never get tired of looking at.
  22. Hey all, so after issues setting up the mount again I managed to get setup last night for imaging. So I decided to try my hand at the M27. I think I still got a bit of odd shape stars in the image like I did with my M57, but don't think it is as bad. I took 30 x 60 secs and used DSS to stack with flats and darks. I then processed it in PS and I got the following result. I think it might be to sharp or noisy, but I am kinda happy with it as I am learning how to process. Thanks for viewing.
  23. Hi all I need some advice. I have had my EQ5 for nearly 2 months and I am sure people will remember my issues I had. Then 1 night I had success and I was happy. Since then I haven't been able to get it out till last night due to weather. No luck again with the goto and tracking was so bad that I could do 30 sec without trailing. I have attached an image to show what my issue was. Also I noticed that even with the clutch tight on RA I could still move it anyway I wanted by hand, whereas the DEC has no movement. Could it be that the motor is slipping on the RA axis which is causing the goto to be out and the tracking to be off. Any advice is appreciated. The image is of the M57 which can be seen very badly lol. Thanks.
  24. Thanks for that really great advice, it makes a lot of sense and something I will definitely give a try. Thanks again.
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