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  1. We have just finalised our programme for the next 12 months, here is the list of talks. Regards Mark Major Publicity Officer - Cardiff Astronomical Society. Cardiff Astronomical Society - Programme 2010/2011. All talks take place at 19:30 in the Dept of Physics & Astronomy, Cardiff University, 5 The Parade, Newport Rd, Cardiff. For details visit www.cardiff-astronomical-society.co.uk 2010 September 2nd “Astronomy in the early Royal Society” by Dr Allan Chapman, University of Oxford. September 16th “Building a Space Telescope Camera” by Prof Mike Disney, University of Cardiff. September 30th “ Three Sides to the Sun” by Nick Howes, Avebury, Wiltshire. October 14th “Mission to Mars” by Gemma Lavender, University of Cardiff. October 28th “ Cosmic Journey” by Dr Alastair Gunn, University of Manchester November 11th “Astronomical Causes of Climate Change” by James Fradgley FRAS, Wimborne, Dorset. November 25th “Visual Planetary Astronomy” by Paul Abel FRAS, University of Leicester. December 9th “Binoculars & Telescopes for Observing the Heavens” by Dr Ian Morison University of Manchester 2011 January 6th “ Planetary Nebulae: Cosmic Butterflies or Stellar Fireflies ?” by Dr Rhys Morris, University of Bristol. January 20th “Turn Left at Leo” by Colin Harris, Cardiff Astronomical Society. February 3rd “The Herschel & Planck Missions -the Universe through the ages.” by Dr Chris North, University of Cardiff. February 17th.”Megalithic Astronomy and Cosmology” by Prof Mike Edmunds University of Cardiff. March 3rd “Ark in Space” by Dr Marek Kukula Royal Greenwich Observatory, London March 17th “Heavens above through Victorian eyes-Rev T.W.Webb” by Paul Haley, Hereford. March 31st “Comets & their exploration by Spacecraft” by Prof David Hughes, Sheffield University. April 14th Annual General Meeting. April 28th “To Infinity and Beyond” by Tom (Rocketman) Roberts, Cardiff Astronomical Society. May 12th “Introduction to CCD imaging” by Nik Szymanek, West Horndon, Essex May 26th “Nautical Astronomy” by Tom Carnduff, Cardiff Astronomical Society. June 9th “Herschel Space Telescope observations of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster.” by Dr Jon Davies, University of Cardiff. June 23rd “The Moon-Exploring our nearest Neighbour” by Dr Robert Massey, Greenwich Observatory, London. July 7th “Three Short Talks” by Members of Cardiff Astronomical Society.
  2. Thanks guys, we are building quite a case, the petition has been going a week and we already have nearly 300 signatures (200 on paper) and have just received the support of the Astronomer Royal. Spread the word, if we can persuade a government to legislate then we can replicate this across the UK.
  3. Does it shine into yours or any other neighbours bedroom or lounge? if so it constitutes a statutory nuisance and your local environmental control officer has powers to order its removal. Mark
  4. Astro-Baby, we in CFDS see many many examples such as yours and the problem is getting worse. We are making progress with some of the lighting retailers but its slow going. All I can say to you is for you to email those pictures to your local MP, there is an election coming up so they may take some action! As for so called security lighting, it only helps the the burglar, the lights dazzle any potential onlooker and help Mr burglar sort out his toolkit. See CfDS: All about floodlights Mark Regional Information Officer(Wales) Campaign for Dark Skies
  5. We have over 200 signatures on the paper part and 50 signatures online isn't bad as its only been available since Friday.
  6. This is a plea to all fellow astronomers who wish to do something about light pollution. We in the Campaign for Dark Skies have started a petition with the National Assembly for Wales calling on them to protect and enhance the dark skies in Wales. Unlike Number 10, Wales has duty to debate petitions, they have already changed the law on plastic bags as a result of a petition. You don't need to live in Wales to sign up and it is our hope that if Wales has a clear light pollution policy, the rest of the UK will follow. Please spare a few minutes to sign up at National Assembly for Wales | Sign Petition Thank you Mark Major Campaign for Dark Skies
  7. The_Major

    Hello from Newport

    Welcome to SGL Rhye, I am also from Newport. Mark
  8. The_Major


    Hi Ian and welcome to SGL from an ex-pat (formerly from Lurgan and missing the dark skies of home!)
  9. Where in South Wales? I'm in Newport and just came back to astronomy after years in the light. i got my scope from Telescope Planet in Cross Hands, it is definitely worth a visit to their showroom, even if you don't buy from them they have quite a few scopes and mounts on display. If you are in this part of S Wales, the Usk Astronomical Society meets every Thursday and should be worth a visit. A guy called Nick Hart is a regular, I met him at Telescope Planet and was blown away by the images he gets from his light polluted back yard, he should be able to give you a few pointers. Oh, Welcome to SGL, officially the friendliest forum in the world! (imho) Mark
  10. Thanks everyone, I called into telescope planet today to look at the scopes. My budget got decreased because our washer/dryer blew up so I was going to get an explorer 130pm but ended up getting a great deal on an Omni 150 XLT (bought the display model) Simon, Neil and Dr Wainwright were really helpful and I got a bargain on a scope and a couple of plossl's for £200! Cant wait for first light!
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome and advice. I will go for the 150 and save up my pennies for the dual drive kit. I'm off to find out how connect an eq3-2 to a laptop
  12. I ground my own 6" from a blank about 10 years ago, it was hell of a task to get it right, but the thrill of building your own scope from scratch made up for it. I got the blanks from a firm in the midlands, I will see if I can find the address for you. Good Luck!
  13. Hello from not so sunny Newport. I have caught the bug again after life and bright city lights got in the way for quite a few years. I attended the launch party for Herschel / Planck last week and got a tour of the Cardiff Uni observatory and was hooked again. I am looking to buy a scope in a few weeks and am torn between 2 Sky-Watcher models, the Explorer 130P SynScan AZ GOTO and the Explorer 150P EQ3-2. As the Bank Manger (my lovely wife) will only allow me about £300, these two are in the right price range but I'm torn between the equatorial mount and the GOTO as I like the idea of using the scope with a laptop and wont be doing any photography straight away. My cunning plan is to get the wife hooked so she wont mind spending a bit more on the next purchase (who needs food anyway ) I welcome your recommendations Mark
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