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  1. Hi I am looking to buy a RACI and this seems to be a good option, an alternative for a bit more money is the orion at £109 can anyone recommend one or the other or a decent alternative please? Im not 100% sure but I do not think they are the same re-badged? base is different unsure of the optics etc? Would I be better off spending a bit more, the TS optics looks rather nice but another £50 without the illuminated eyepiece I believe. If I would benefit long term I dont mind spending the extra. It will be mounted on a 200p for now and at 625 grams was wondering should I be worried about weight as I cannot find the specs for standard SW finder to compare. Cheers
  2. I have the 9mm and love it, works very well in the barlow too (although there appears to be some fringe colouring on jupiter to the edges of the ep possibly needs more testing), the 6mm however is a different animal. The eye relief is apparently 1mm less than the 9mm but I find it extremely hard work to look through.
  3. sounds interesting, I started astronomy in october so about to complete my first season and now excited for whats ahead. Be nice not to be cold for a change.
  4. Not at all Moonshane really appreciate the input, did not consider mobile device my bad Thanks orion I am leaning toward the barlow as John mentioned will confirm after next viewing. Thanks all.
  5. Having just read a couple of posts by ant and andrew, they state that spring is Galaxy season. I was previously unaware of seasonal observing and wondered what season we are currently in, Planetary season? What are the seasons and their associated viewing objects? Cheers
  6. In my sig Moonshane 6mm & 9mm Revelation plossl and 8mm BST with 2x Bresser barlow, was not using the Maxvision's Moon was very close wondering if that was a contributing factor. I do not recall seeing this phenomena so pronounced on previous sessions.
  7. Ok thanks again. Have just read that it can be caused by plossls :/ needs further investigation. Cheers
  8. Yes I read that CA is not apparent in newtonians due to the use of mirrors as opposed to lenses? Jupiter was very high in the sky, I do not bother observing now unless it is due to the the effects you highlight John. It was so cold and late I didnt pay too much attention to what equipment I was using when it appeared unfortunately, will investigate more on next clear night. Can I remove collimation from the equation? or is it possibly related? Thanks very much for input guys
  9. Hi While observing Jupiter last night I noticed a distinct coloured fringing on the left and right edge of Jupiter. It appears to be red one side and blue the other side but it only appears when not in the middle of the eyepiece. Is this coma I am seeing and could it be a collimation issue? I was getting excellent detail and the GRS was clearly orange, telescope had been outside for 3-4 hours. I cannot say if this happens in all eyepieces or short fl only as it was very cold and didnt bother to test at the time. Would appreciate any help/advice. Cheers
  10. Possible good clear skies with low humidity tonight, hopeful

  11. Yes it would be wider view, but consider the explore scientific maxvision 24mm, this would be my preference over the bst's. They also come in 16mm and 20mm @ 1.25"
  12. My (baby) monster is the 24mm MV, I will not be buying any more monsters, smaller form is much more suited to me. My next wfov purchase will be a 30mm 70 degree plossl. That meade does look awesome though
  13. Here is the barlow thread http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/235302-is-it-worth-buying-a-x2-barlow-definitely/ Purists probably would advise to drop the barlow and get individual ep's but many people swear by them
  14. Hi Calculon If the 9mm you have is the gso/revelation I would keep it as I have the same and have been very impressed with it for the money, excellent views of jupiter, great red spot clearly seen in colour when viewing is good . It works fantastic in my barlow too giving the equivalent of a 4.5mm. I would look at a 1.25" 2x revelation/gso barlow on astroboot or similar, this will give each ep 2x focal lengths, although you wont be able to use it with your 30mm. This will also help with eye relief as the smaller focal lengths will require you to have your eye very close to the lens so barlowing longer focal lengths to shorter will maintain original eye relief . A 15mm would be good as barlowed would give the equivalent of a 7.5mm ep. I would stick with the revelation/gso range of ep's unless you want to spend £50+ per ep for other makes. Explore scientific Maxvision 68 fov are excellent value for money and relatively inexpensive. Theres a thread in beginers equipment "should I buy a barlow" (or something like that) have a quick read through that. Revelation/Gso Plossls http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Revelation_Eyepieces_34.html Explore Scientific Maxvision http://www.astroshop.eu/m,Explore-Scientific?q=maxvision
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