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  1. Thanks Olly. I knew that you we're an Avalon user, and having seen your results you clearly made a good choice. There are so many things, relatively speaking that I love about this mount thus far. But my 9.25 Edge arrives today, so we'll see if I feel as enthused after getting back to longer FL imaging. I agree regarding tracking accuracy. I think we sometimes rely too much on PE / RMS etc when we discuss mount performance. It may mean less with these mounts. Derek
  2. Thanks Sara. I've seen some of your outstanding images, both on the Avalon website and elsewhere. They now make long columned saddle extenders that should make using long refractors easier , though may require a counterweight. I have an 80mm extender shown below, but they make them as long as 130mm. Derek
  3. Thanks A.G. And Dave, that's funny. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. Hi Ruud. Yeah, I spent far more than I intended to. When I first started thinking of an upgrade, I was looking at mounts half the cost and almost pulled the trigger on a G11 which is a fine mount. But then I thought hard about what my goals were, namely to have a mount that performed right out of the box with no upgrades or major tinkering required, one that will be my long term mount. But most importantly, I knew that if I couldn't sleep through the night, I probably wouldn't image much. I'm aware that many have fully automated their meridian flips. It just seemed like a daunting task for me. So I sold a lot of stuff (including my classical guitar... on astromart no less) and bought the M Uno. Derek
  5. Hi all. After imaging for years with an LX200R, I decided to upgrade to a mount with better tracking / guiding capabilities but hoped to maintain the simplicity of an equatorial fork. I decided on the Avalon M Uno, touted as a relatively maintenance / tinkering free, belt driven, single arm, equatorial fork with no meridian flip requirement. After more than a month with it, I am thrilled with its performance, the only issues thus far being software (StarGo) related. To date, after multiple imaging sessions, I've not discarded a single sub, nor have I lost a single sub ( mostly 30 minutes ) or a minute of sleep in imaging nearly from horizon to horizon. No plate solving. No automated flip software. No interruptions. I'm reserving a full review however until after I start imaging at longer focal lengths. But I feel very lonely out here. Although the support from Avalon and Deep Space Products ( the US Vendor) has been excellent, I've grown used to support group and forum discussions with other owners of my other astro equipment. I rarely read posts from Avalon owners, particularly in the US where I am not aware of a single other M Uno user. Given my initial impression, I am very suprised that these mounts are not yet more popular. I hope, however, to meet some other Avalon owners on this forum and find out if there are discussion groups that they use. I know there is a Yahoo Avalon group, but only three members thus far. Anyone? Cheers and clear skies, Derek
  6. Nice! I love the subtle blue in the periphery. I never get tired of seeing this when done so well. Derek
  7. Terrific image! I've never tried this target but understand that its very difficult to shoot this well. The processing is excellent, soft in a really good way. Derek
  8. That's a really nice image! I love the combination of reflection and dust in this target. Well captured. Derek
  9. Hartl-Dengl-Weinberger 2 is a faint and old planetary nebula in Cassiopeia. It is also known as Sharpless-200. It has a very faint extended Halo which is nearly 40' making one of the larger planetary nebulae. The field also includes Trumpler 3, a small open cluster. I could only find a couple of images of this and wasn't certain I could pull it out of my soupy skies. This is a bicolor image, a result of a total of 14 hours of 30 minute Ha and OIII subs. QSI 540 wsg , SVR90T on Avalon M Uno mount. Thanks for looking. http://www.pbase.com/dsantiago/image/157725320 Derek
  10. Thanks Guy and Ghostdance. The second image is a portion of the pelican nebula, IC 5070. You may not recognize it because the image is 180 degrees from the typical orientation. Derek
  11. Hi JB. I already sold my 10"LX200R for parts. I was thinking about either the new Meade f/8 10" ACF or a 9.25 Edge HD. The TPO looks very impressive on preliminary reading. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to look into this further. Derek
  12. Thanks all, for your nice comments and kind welcome! Derek
  13. Hi all. I've been enjoying browsing this site and have been very impressed by all the great images. I hope its ok for me to post a few of my recent images for comments and critique. I have just begun imaging with my new mount, an Avalon M-Uno, initially at short FL but plan to image again at 2500mm once I get used to the mount and hope to get some feedback here. I image from light polluted northern New Jersey with a QSI 540 wsg and SVR90T and am pending replacement of my damaged 10"LX200R. Thanks for looking. Derek
  14. I'll second The Blue Snowball. Very strong in OIII, and if you have a long FL setup and a mount that can handle longish exposures, a faint OIII halo is fun to shoot for. This is an image of it with 15 minute subs at FL 2500. http://www.pbase.com/dsantiago/image/146159230/large Regards. Derek
  15. Thanks Joel and all for the kind welcome. Sorry for the delayed reply. That shot of m57 is one of my older images so I don't remember the details, though do recall it was my first real attempt at long exposures through the SCT. I think it might have been 15 minute Ha subs to bring out the halo. It was a bear stretching the faint data from the halo without blowing out the core. It require very creative use of levels anf filters. Looking at it now, it looks way over processed. Derek
  16. Hi all. I have been imaging from well lit Morristown, NJ USA for several years now. I am a member of a few astro sites. However, whenever I do a random search of various topics, I find that I am often directed here, where there seems to be a wealth of information offered by very friendly and knowledgeable folk. I image with a QSI 540 wsg at both long (10" LX200R) and short (90mm SV Raptor) focal lengths and just recently purchased an Avalon M Uno mount. I've not encountered anyone in the US yet using Avalon mounts but I've seen a few threads on them here. Hope its ok if I hang around the site and maybe even contribute a bit now and again. Derek www.pbase.com/dsantiago
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