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  1. David All this detail is amazing and guess I know how I'm doing my roof now. I particularly like the Benny Hill music on the second video. That show is a fond memory from my youth, probably never to be repeated! I was going to ask how the roof stays on but guess that is the pivoting arms that do that! What is the roofing material? David
  2. David What size is your observatory? I need to downsize mine and now seems a good time as the roof needs replacing. Yours seems perfect, especially how the roof opens!! Thanks to Gary for reinvigorating this thread and highlighting your set-up! Kind regards David
  3. I was recently allowed to purchase the excellently reviewed RVO Horizon 72 ED and field flattener but am struggling with the spacing/backfocus between flattener and sensor (1600mm). Its meant to be 55mm but test shots showed the sensor to be too close. I've increased the spacing to 60mm with the same results. Seems odd that I've increased it so much so doubting what I've done. Has anyone else here had experience with this particular combination or can offer advice? Attached is a shot from the other night showing my problem in the corners; trails all pointing to the centre. Please for
  4. You are quite right. My bad. I hadn't noticed the closing date so judges please ignore my entry. David
  5. Excellent data, yet again. Thank you. Here is my attempt in SHO palette and processed completely in PS CS5. Initial stretch of each channel with levels and slight curves. Removed stars from each using Starnet++. More stretching of each channel using levels and curves. Removal of some of the larger artifacts in each cannel using Spot Heal Brush. Brightness & contrast. Local contrast enhancement (Astronomy Tools plug-in). Tweak of levels. Combined each channel in PS. Selective colour, hue, saturation and vibrance adjustments.
  6. Welcome, from another Cambridgeshire resident!
  7. yeah, I'm happy with the 3B+ but there is always something better. Programming it (following instructions that is) right now!
  8. Its the confusion on the advert and my inexperience with RPi which caused my error. Got a 3B+ on its way as we speak. Just wanted to offer it to anyone on here before returning to Amazon. David
  9. Ordered the wrong Raspberry Pi for my All Sky Camera Build and so it is for sale. It is this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00LPESRUK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. I have taken it out of the static bag just once but put straight back in when realised it wasn't the one I wanted. £20 +P&P
  10. Both Starnet and Annies Actions are very good; Starnet to remove stars so the you can stretch an image without blowing them out, and Annies actions to reduce them. Starnet is free and standalone, and Annies Actions for PS. Both are an integral part of my processing. Davis
  11. Agreed. Pretty sure that darks are applied to each individual frame in APP rather than on the final stacked image meaning that both are valuable in the overall image. Going through the APP work flow, Calibration is the step before any stacking is carried out allowing you to check effectiveness of the calibration frames; darks, flats etc, before Normalisation and Integration. You can select this at the top of the graphic display for each individual frame in APP. Hope this helps. David
  12. Thank you. Its the first time I'd done NB and whilst its quite straight forward to get the basic colours following all the advice on here and other places, the time consuming part is fine tuning them to taste, and a calibrated monitor helps too plus clean glasses!
  13. Thanks Steve. They were generous in providing a few hours here or there, if I'd been good which cant have been that often.
  14. I had this problem and went around the gap between the mirror and tube with black insulation tape. Latest solution was that I made a foam cap to slot over the end. I also tried a good quality black bin bag. Never thought of a.......... Was only a problem if I was taking darks or flats during the day. Easy to solve but guess its more annoying than anything.
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