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  1. I wonder if it is the same as in DSS. Select it as the reference frame but leave the checkbox in the file list unchecked? David
  2. Yes there is. I'm at work at the mo so not too sure but either on the Register tab or Integrate tab there is a large button labelled 'Set Reference Frame'. If you are stacking frames that are binned with those not binned, ie when processing LRGB for example, you need to ensure that an unbinned frame is selected so that APP knows to resize the frames that are binned. Hope this helps but sure someone can supply the facts shortly. David
  3. I had a similar problem and found light was entering from around the primary. Quickly cured by covering the mirror end with a few thick bin bags. Didn't notice at night because no ambient light!!! David
  4. That's excellent! I have the same 'scope and camera combo. What were your gain and offset settings? David
  5. New camera, new pc, flocked tube, belt mod and new auto focuser and not enough clear skies, hence why probably rushed last night. At least did all those upgrades over the extensive cloudy period! Think next task is to get auto focuser sorted and then guiding.
  6. Sometimes just a comment sparks the lightbulb. I'm not sure which is which but I was using the 'ZWO Camera' option. Just ran down the garden and selected ASI Camera 1 and seems to work ?. Why I didn't do that last night, I'll never know but thanks for pressing the switch!!!! Maybe now I'll be able to set up the focuser!! David
  7. Not sure whether this post belongs in Camera or Software category as suppose depends on where problem lays but 50-50 chance. Thought I'd give the 120MM a go at doing some deep sky. Connects to SGP ok but when using the frame and focus tool, it takes one picture but on attempting to take a second, I get the following: Error 'ASI General Error from call to ASIa(A_0=0, A_2=1, A_3=false)'. I have to disconnect and then reconnect in order to take another. It will not loop subs so that I can set up the auto focuser for the same reason. Checked settings in Control Panel and all seem ok, including cooling off since uncooled camera. All works well in Sharp Cap and APT. Any ideas? David
  8. Practical and aesthetically pleasing in one!! However, now you've given me even more to add to the long list of things to think about when we have clear skies again.
  9. Beautiful picture, Peter. Lots of detail. Mention of your diffraction spikes made me look closer. I've never really paid attention to mine before but the way your 'x' are orientated at 45 deg to horizontal, really adds to the aesthetics. Was this planned? Mine are always at random angles. Regards David
  10. Got the adapter and ring and used metal clips from a garden clip for the remaining mm or two. Fit nicely around the threads! Eventually had a gap in the clouds on Sunday and fired up the camera and took the following comprised of 2 mins of frames, stacked in AS2 and wavelets in Registax. Many thanks for your advice. David
  11. That's what I thought. Guess could use anything as a shim if I needed to. I'll let you know how it goes when my order arrives and we get some clear skies!!!!! Thank you for all your advice.? David
  12. Thank you for all this info. It all makes (sort of) sense now. Have ordered the adapter and extension ring as pretty sure the thread is M48. What do you use for smaller sizes such as 1mm? Should I invest in these https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/baader-t-2-ajustment-spacer-rings.html or can something else be used? David
  13. Could do the trick. The ring I used allows the filter wheel to sit flush to the camera so suppose 12.5mm plus 20mm for filter wheel and 0.5mm for filters (do you also add the filters on since they inside filter wheel?) I take it the adapter is 10mm so all together that makes 43mm, 12mm short. So suppose some sort of extension tube?
  14. No. The filter wheel hole is about 8mm smaller than the CC.
  15. With the thin adapter you mentioned above. It originally had the all sky lense attached.
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