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    Aircraft, sci-fi, Dr Who, TBBT, 40K...............total geek!!
    Oh, and astronomy!
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  1. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    Got the adapter and ring and used metal clips from a garden clip for the remaining mm or two. Fit nicely around the threads! Eventually had a gap in the clouds on Sunday and fired up the camera and took the following comprised of 2 mins of frames, stacked in AS2 and wavelets in Registax. Many thanks for your advice. David
  2. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    That's what I thought. Guess could use anything as a shim if I needed to. I'll let you know how it goes when my order arrives and we get some clear skies!!!!! Thank you for all your advice. David
  3. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    Thank you for all this info. It all makes (sort of) sense now. Have ordered the adapter and extension ring as pretty sure the thread is M48. What do you use for smaller sizes such as 1mm? Should I invest in these https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/baader-t-2-ajustment-spacer-rings.html or can something else be used? David
  4. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    Could do the trick. The ring I used allows the filter wheel to sit flush to the camera so suppose 12.5mm plus 20mm for filter wheel and 0.5mm for filters (do you also add the filters on since they inside filter wheel?) I take it the adapter is 10mm so all together that makes 43mm, 12mm short. So suppose some sort of extension tube?
  5. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    No. The filter wheel hole is about 8mm smaller than the CC.
  6. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    With the thin adapter you mentioned above. It originally had the all sky lense attached.
  7. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    I've managed to connect the filter wheel to the camera but not to the CC. David
  8. Peakedge

    Focal Train Help!!!!!

    Thanks Julian. I don't have the OAG but makes sense. What do I need to attach them together? The threaded extensions with ther filter wheel do not fit the CC. David
  9. Over the last few weeks I have aqcuired some new bits and bobs; ZWO120MM-S and ZWO manual filter wheel. I'll be using these on my SW200PDS, having a go at a bit of lunar and planetry stuff. I also want to have a go at basic deep sky with this kit and possibly try cooling the camera. For any of this, will I need to use my SW F5 coma corrector? My issue is that I cannot work out which order to put all the bits and how to attach the coma correctorto the filter wheel. Obviously the camera and filter wheel have 1.25" adapters whilst the CC has 2". I really dont know the thread sizes for the internal or external threads of any of them or the adapters needed. Im also concious that the CC has 55mm backfocus. Any help would be very muchly appreciated. Guess I've got time to sort this before we next have clear skies. David
  10. Peakedge

    Ideas For Challenges

    This seems like a good idea. Entries must start with the same basic, stacked data ie a level playing field as far as equipment and location is concerned. Then anything goes as far as processing is concerned. Entry must include details of processing steps so becomes a bit educational too. Also shows a good comparison between the software packages available. David
  11. Peakedge


    Thank you Peter. Kind of you to say so and actually enjoyed blending the different layers. David
  12. Peakedge

    Another Horsehead Nebula

    Thanks Peter, yes the trouble with Altinak but did manage to keep it from being too bad (I hope!). David
  13. Peakedge

    Another Horsehead Nebula

    Again, I had forgotten to post this attempt for comment after entering the RGB challenge but here it is. I personally find that it is a bit noisy and the stars aren't what I would like them to be but any advice would be good. I didn't use darks as they made the end result even noisier. 33 x 300s subs with flats and bias. No darks. Stacked in DSS and all processing in CS5. Modded 100d, 200PDS, HEQ5 Pro, SGP, PHD2, QHY5 finder/guider. Thank you for looking David
  14. Peakedge


    Having entered this into the RGB challenge, I had forgotten to post here for comment. 48 x 300s, 19 x 180s, 24 x 60s, 31 x 5s, 30 x 1s lights. Not sure that needed both 1s and 5s subs but used them anyway. 30 flats and 50 bias frames. Stacked in DSS and all processing in CS5. Modded 100d, 200PDS, HEQ5 Pro, SGP, PHD2, QHY5 finder/guider. All comments and advice appreciated .
  15. A late entry but a picture I hadn't considered entering but here goes. 33 x 300s subs captured 22 Jan 18, calibrated and stacked with flats and bias in DSS. No darks. Modded 100d, 200PDS, HEQ5 Pro, SGP, PHD2, QHY5 finder/guider. All post processing in CS5. Thank you for looking No Darks Flat

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