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  1. My humble offering. I had to run each data image in FITS format through Deep Sky Stacker to convert it to TIF so that I could open it in Photoshop. This is 'Hubbled' HOO, with Selective Colour adjustments to bring out the gold hues. It was a pleasure to work with such good data, and I can't wait for the next one, as well as being determined to improve my own data capture (with, as it happens, my new identical Stellamira ED104) StevieO
  2. Hi, I've just bought an SM ED104 and am wanting to put my Sesto Senso on the focuser. The small 1/10 knob comes off without problems using an Allen key but I can't figure out how to remove the large 1/1 knob, which also has to be removed to gain access to the shaft. Can James or anyone who has done this shed light on the process, please. Cheers StevieO
  3. The video doesn't show the fitting of the field flattener and I can't see it in the image train. How is it fitted please? The reason I ask is that I've just bought the Stellamira and flattener and I'm wondering if it can fit internally inside the focuser and whether that's what's happened here. Regards StevieO
  4. Excellent, I've been looking forward to seeing the data, especially as I have a Stellamira on order from FLO. I use Photoshop for processing and it wouldn't open the FITS files, so I ran each file though Deep Sky Stacker one at a time and 'stacked' it, producing a TIFF file for each filter which can now be processed in PS. I'd be interested to know if there's an easier workaround or if there's any loss of data doing it this way. Cheers StevieO
  5. Thanks to all responders, the scope is now sold. Regards Stevie0
  6. Skywatcher Evostar ED100 DS Pro outfit F9 comprising: OTA doublet with Ohara FPL-53 element. The lens has always been covered when not in use and is unmarked. Standard rings and mounting bar (which is marked by the dovetail, but 100% functional) Aluminium case (no key), the dedicated 0.85 reducer/flattener (to F7.65), 2" 28mm eyepiece, 2" diagonal, standard 9x50 finderscope, 2" to 1.25" adaptor. It has the original SW focuser which I've found to be smooth and reliable and has taken the reducer/flattener, ATIK 383+ and filterwheel without problems even when vertical. This outfit is about 8 years old but hasn't been used for several years. It's been responsible for some of my favourite images (see below) and would be ideal for someone coming into observing or imaging who wants a proper scope which isn't going to need upgrading anytime soon. If you wanted to buy this outfit new FLO have it at £757. I am asking £300. I would prefer collection from Taunton but if it needs to be posted or couriered I will get a cost for that and add it to the price. Cash on collection or via online transfer. Regards Stevie0
  7. This is my Pacman from last night, in Hubble Palette, through my Quattro 8" at F3.6, which is a bit steep for me but I only have a 0.9 coma corrector at the moment. About 4 hours' worth, once I realised that the reason my Sesto Senso focuser wouldn't connect to my laptop was that I'd forgotten to plug it into its power supply. Schoolboy error which cost me half an hour! Hoping to get more on the same target tomorrow night. Cheers Stevie0
  8. Finished for the night. 4hrs HOS on NGC 281 Pacman. Clear Outside is optimistic about Thursday night so I'll try to grab some more then. And so to bed.......goodnight anyone still up. Stevie)
  9. Back on the same Pacman Nebula tonight, but with a much faster OTA (Quattro 8"). Should get 2 or 3 times the data compared to the 100ED which is fine for OSC but too slow for narrowband. Stevie0
  10. After much rain and cloud during the day, it's cleared up nicely. Have had a hankering to get my old SW ED100, my first scope, out for the first time in years. Have just started a 3 hour imaging run on the Pacman Nebula NGC 281 in HOS and will report back later.
  11. Hi, I've not been doing much in the way of imaging recently, so I've only just got wind of this project, which seems to me incredibly exciting, it's a serious piece of kit. One question, the 10 Micron mount is AFAIK capable of non-guided long exposure imaging, but there is an off-axis guide camera fitted. What's the reason for this? Looking forward to 'first light' being posted. StevieO
  12. Got a couple of hours and could've got more but working tomorrow so bed calls. This is a first pass of what I got (Eastern Veil). StevieO
  13. Taunton good at the moment. Have had an epiphany recently - not chasing the weather any more, mount semi-permanently set up and PA in back garden, so can get going at a few minutes notice, like now. Keeping a sharp eye on band of rain on Met website about 20 miles to my SW. StevieO
  14. Definitely the most challenging conditions I've kept going in, and only because it was first light for the new scope. Peeking through and between the clouds I managed to get 90min of usable Ha and Oiii subs. Here's a first pass at NGC 6960 in bi-colour. Really pleased with the scope, it will be fantastic in good conditions. StevieO
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