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  1. Sorry, i forgot to mention that the street lights of my town have an orange tone. Thanks.
  2. I live in a small town. In the first floor of my house I have a terrace that faces north east ( at about 10pm I've got cassiopea right in front of me). LP are street lights of my town and also of an industrial area about a mile from my house. In the third floor there's another terrace which faces south and gives me a better view of the sky. LP here are the street lights of the town, of several cities in the coast and also from a petrol industry about 5 miles from here (seems like Las Vegas). Thank you.
  3. Hello. I just bought a Skywatcher heritage 130p scope. So far, I've obtained very clear and detailed views of the moon with both EPs (25mm and 10mm). Unfortunely, after two nights of skygazing I have discovered that sky conditions from my home are extremely bad. I can can barely see 3.5 mag stars on naked eye. Obviously, I'm going to search for dark skies outdoors but I would like to improve as much as possible the viewing from my house. I would appreciate all advice on any kind of equipment (filters, eyepieces, etc.) and tips (making a light shroud for my scope, etc.) Thank you very much.
  4. I gazed again an hour later and maybe it's not so bad. I spotted some stars around Cassiopea that are 3.54. I also spotted some objects under the belt of Orion that could be 4.5 but that area is a bit crowded with other objects and I'm not sure. Anyway, today I'll receive my new telescope and, if clouds allow me, I'll find out how bad it is. About 10 pm I've got Cassiopea just in front my house. That will be my first target. Thanks.
  5. Thank you all. I've finally decided to buy the Skywatcher Heritage 130p dobsonian. I found it for 135 pounds. I think it's the best option for a newbie like me. It's small portable and quality of the components are very good for the price. I'll receive it this afternoon but the weather forecast for tonight is cloudy (the jinx) so I don't know if I'll be able to test it today.
  6. I've been skygazing a bit tonight from the terrace of my house (10,30 pm). On naked eyes I could spot stars with 2.50 magnitud and brighter, of course. I grabbed my binoculars (7×50) and I could spot stars with about 5 magnitud. How good or bad is my sky?
  7. My father in law has a piece of land outside the town. It's a much darker site. In summer we go a lot with my kids. I'm sure I'll be taking the scope there. Thanks.
  8. Sorry, I also live in a small town. I was talking about general street lights, not exactly a big city. It could help me if you tell me what you usually can spot with the heritage scope. Thank you very much.
  9. Hello. Is there any feature of a reflector telescope that makes it perform better under poor sky conditions (like light pollution)? Aperture, focal length, quality of the eyepieces? Thank you.
  10. How does the Heritage perform in a city? Will I be able to spot some deep space objects from my house or will I have to go outdoors? Thanks.
  11. Thanks a lot. I'll take a look.
  12. Hi! My name is Diego. I live near Barcelona. I'm 48, married and with 3 lovely children. I've always been fascinated by the mysteries and beauty of the cosmos. Specially since I saw Sagan's Cosmos series (as many others of my generation, I suppose). I always thought that a telecope thar allows to get detailed views of the moon, planets, naebulas and clusters were very expensive and unaffordable for the average citizen. Last week I started to look for prices on the internet and was very surprised to see that there're telescopes that can offer excellent views of the cosmos for the price of a vid
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