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  1. Ok thanks It's certainly an impressive piece of kit.
  2. This thread is making me very jealous, I want one now What aperture / focal length is the Andromeda ? It looks a monster scope.
  3. Just had another look at your photos, in the one where you show us the objective lens your reflection has a remarkable similarity to ET holding a mobile phone !
  4. Hi, Thanks for posting this thread, I'm the guy who started the other thread about the Evostar 120 and 150 but having read other peoples comments about the Tal100 I'm considering buying one. Any chance you could make a posting of how it performs once you've had chance to use it ? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested to read a review of it Thanks Peter.
  5. Many thanks to everyone who offered their advice To be honest I'm still undecided but the replies have given me plenty to think about, in particular the Tal100rs which I had even considered till people here recommended one. Happy Christmas all Peter.
  6. Thanks for that I've just done a search. there's a UK supplier who has a Tal100rs in stock for £249 that's is the same price as the Evostar 120mm. How does the better optics of one compare against the bigger aperture of the other ?
  7. Thanks everyone, the replies have been very helpful Having heard what people here have said and looking at reviews online it seems like the 120 Evostar offers good value for money and can give decent results on a budget. I think I'll buy one of them after Christmas, it will give me something to replace my old Newt as a visual scope then I can look at getting an ED80 to try imaging in 3 - 4 months time. I know the Evostar isn't ideal for imaging but I'm sure I can at least experiment a bit till funds get me an ED80, if I can get a few half decent images of Jupiter or the moon I'd be happy for now
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the replies The reason I won't consider a reflector is just one of personal preference, I used to be very interested in astronomy 30 or 40 yrs ago and have a number of refractors then one day I bought the 250mm Newtonian that I still have. I've never been happy with it, maybe I just got a bad one but nevertheless it's put me off them. I know it doesn't make any sense but if I bought another reflector I'll be forever wishing I'd bought a refractor. I really rather forego the extra aperture that a reflector would give me for the same money just so I can have the peace of mind of having a refractor.
  9. Hi all, I've recently bought a SW NE6pro goto mount and later next year intend to buy an ED80 with a view to trying simple astrophotography, at the moment I use the mount for visual observations using my ancient 250mm Newtonian. Unfortunately my scope is getting a bit tired and really is well past its best so I'd like a modest refractor to replace it as a visual instrument and have considered the Evostar 120mm or 150mm refractors. I realise they are budget instruments and will suffer some CA but I have already spent £1000 on the mount an funds are a bit tight at the moment so I cant really be paying out for an ED of that aperture. What do others think of the SW Evostars ? are they work the money for an amateur on a budget ? I realise no one scope is suited to observing everything but I'd like something that will perform as a reasonable all rounder, a bit of deep sky, a bit of lunar / planetary etc. What sort of results can I expect from a budget refractor of 120 - 150mm aperture ? Is there much difference in performance between the 120mm and 150mm ? (there is about £250 difference in price). Please don't try to talk me into a reflector, I've made up my mind I want a refractor this time :-) Many thanks Peter.
  10. Thanks for all the replies, I guess I'll get used to it after a few more nights, it's clear sky here in Yorkshire at the mo so hopefully I'll get another few hours out tonight As for Jupiter, it's the first time I've seen it through a scope for years (I've had a break from astronomy and only recently returned to it), I could make out the some of the belts but my 10" newt is as old as Gods' dog and is showing it's limitations. I'm intending to buy a new scope early next year so the 10" is only a stop gap for a month or 2. I'm hoping to have a go at astrophotography, hence I bought the NEQ6 and looking now at an ED80 as an imaging scope. Peter.
  11. Hi all, Just having my first nights observing using my shiny new NEQ6 but struggling a bit with the goto hand set instructions. Anyone else find the menus on the handset are difficult to navigate ? I seem to keep getting to parts of the menu where it gets difficult to go back to the beginning if I'm in the wrong menu selection. Does anyone know if there is a more user friendly instruction manual online ? Also, when observing using the goto search after I've centered objects in the eyepiece is there anyway to tell the mount each time that the object is now centered so that the mount can continually recalibrate itself and improve its accuracy ? I'm new to the Goto system and can see it's going to take sometime to get the hang of it ! Anyway, time to have a cuppa while I wait for my first siting of Jupiter through a scope for years Thanks Peter.
  12. Hi Rich, Thanks for your help, now I know what the problem is called I've been able to look at Youtube etc and have a better understanding. Like I say I haven't had chance to use the mount yet so it may be there isn't even a problem (I've only packed out the rings by a small amount and packed them evenly). My mount is a Goto and from what I understand a 3 star alignment takes out any cone error. I'll see how accurate my set up performs over the next few weeks once I've got the hang of using it and then look at correcting the problem now I know what it is Peter.
  13. Hi all, I've just taken delivery of my new NEQ6 mount and haven't yet had chance to try it but wonder if anyone can help with a scope mounting problem please. At the moment I'm going to use the mount to support my old 10" Newt for visual work till I can buy something more suited to photography, I've bought a new set of Skywatcher tube rings but they are very slightly oversized for my tube diameter. To overcome this I've packed the rings inside diameter with strips of cardboard covered by tightly wrapped electricians tape. The result looks fine and does have a cushioning effect to protect the tube. My worry is now that I've 'packed out' the rings I may have very slightly moved the scope from being parallel to the mount axis. It's hard to explain but if I align the mount on the North celestial pole and point my scope there also, the scope might not be exactly parallel to the RA axis of rotation on the mount. Does that make sense ? It's the first time I've owned a decent equatorial mount so please bear with me if it's a stupid question but I'd feel happier knowing what others think Many thanks Peter.
  14. I'm returning to astronomy again after a break and just about to buy a new scope so my 'Messier count' is only about 15 but hopefully that will rise soon How many have you managed ? Who's seen them all ?
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