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  1. I'd be interested to know what the warranty actually covers, how easy it would be to use and if paying the extra £40 for what is essentially the same product is worth it.
  2. I haven't read Steve's report yet, I'll certainly check it out. I'm wondering if the newer model does anything better than the previous model ?
  3. What about the older PCF wp version of the 10x50, which were universally praised as a great binocular ? Thinking aloud, I wonder how the new version stacks up against it ?
  4. Well, I was out in the garden tonight trying out Stellarium on the iPad and just scanning with the binoculars when something caught my eye low over the horizon. At first I thought it was a aircraft but once I pinpointed it with the bins I could tell it wasn't. Anyway a quick glance at the app and I found out I was watching the international space station ! What a sight it was, super bright and easy to track in my 15x70 bins. It must have been visible for 2-3 minutes. A total fluke lol. Is there a way to receive alerts on the Stellarium app for future passes ?
  5. Sorry I haven't replied to the members who took time to help me out, just been busy with work these last few days. Anyway my original question has been answered, and thanks to the £300 bed frame and mattress that I bought for my son the 10x will have to wait for now
  6. 8x42 ? Any particular make ? I thought the Pentax would be a good buy, considering the reviews they get and the reduced price.
  7. Thanks for the replies and your thoughts. I think if I had to go for the 10x then I'd have to sell the Apollos to justify the purchase to my wife I almost sold them before and backed out at the last minute. Decisions decisions.....
  8. Hello guys, I have been thinking about getting a 10x50 binocular for a while, and now that the Pentax wcp are selling for a reduced price im about to hit the buy button. However I have the Apollo 15x70 which are great but hardly a grab and go binocular. So do you think I would need a 10x and would there be any advantage to having them ? Thoughts and advice are appreciated
  9. Thanks for the replies and the link. I remember doing this many years ago with some cheap 10x50 bins but was wary of using such expensive ones this time around. Strange how the video on the website doesn't mention that the instrument may get damaged ??
  10. Like everyone else, tomorrow I'm hoping to view the eclipse. After watching a video from the stargazing live website I would like to use my Helios 15x70 on tripod and project the image. Would this cause any damage to the binoculars ? Thanks.
  11. I have some good memories of The sky at night from the late 80s. Back then it seemed more accessible and entertaining to my teenage eyes. I remember getting the monthly star charts and newsletters through the post and I still have a handwritten letter from sir Patrick Moore somewhere in my loft. I've tried to watch it recently but it just ain't the same.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will check them out today.
  13. Just checked out safari. So many options and some so expensive !
  14. Thanks guys, I'll have a look at Sky safari. Anyone using star walk or star chart .
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