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  1. How would the view contrast compare of a flocked normal dobsonian reflector telescope with a truss dobsonian with a good shroud? How would the truss dob with shroud compare to an unflocked normal Dob? (Assuming same size aperture)
  2. Ronin, I agree with your thoughts. About the most valuable thing appears to be the flocking, in my opinion. I've heard flocking takes a bit of work, but isn't too hard? I've heard the whole inside doesn't have to be flocked to get the max benefit (I'd have to look up the resource again for more specifics).
  3. Thanks for your thoughts, John. I'm also thinking it's a lot of money for low-cost modifications. I agree that adequate collimation springs should just come with the base models!
  4. I understand many of the people on this forum aren't in the US, so I'll provide a link with details regarding my question. I'm a newbie looking to buy my first telescope (I've used a borrowed 8" dobsonian for a while), and I'm planning to get a 10" dobsonian. I know Apertura is a pretty good brand, but they also are more expensive due to their now-standard "Tweaker's Dream Package." (http://www.opticsmart.com/apertura-ad10-dobsonian-reflector-telescope.html) Flocking preinstalled to the Optical Tube Assembly • Upgraded primary collimation springs • Light Shield • Hand-adjustable secondary collimation knobs • Upgraded Washers for the secondary mirror • Soft-grip guide knob • Additional 5-hole accessory tray for base My question is: in your opinion, how valuable do you think this package would be? The cost of this Apertura would be $700, but a standard Zhumell Z10 would be $470. I want to buy a telescope I'll use for a long time, but it only seems like marginal benefit would be obtained with the Apertura package, so I may save myself that money and get something else instead with the difference. But I want to hear others' thoughts on the matter. Thanks!
  5. The reason I'm confused is that the introductory chapter in Turn Left At Orion doesn't show the view correctly...it shows it as rotated 180-deg.
  6. Question about Reflector telescope & star atlas: so when I look at the view through a reflector telescope, is it basically rotated 180-deg from the correct view? Meaning, when I read a star atlas, do I just need to flip the atlas 180-deg (upside down) to use it with the view through the reflector?
  7. damnut and Olly, When you mention a refractor, would you be using it more for astrophotography purposes? As a newbie, I'm sort of confused what the benefit of a refractor would be (outside of wide-angle views and easy setup) vs a reflector, if only being used for visual use.
  8. What's a good dolly for a telescope that can also go up and down stairs? (Kind of like dollies with two wheels and handles for taking a washing machine or whatever up or down stairs) Thanks!
  9. OR would you personally split the difference and just own a 12"? I welcome any opinions on the topic.
  10. OR would you personally split the difference and just own a 12"? I welcome any opinions on the topic.
  11. What's your opinion on two ideal sizes of reflector telescopes to own together and why? Like maybe an 8" for portability and easy setup, and an 18" for even better views? Or maybe a newbie could start out with a cheaper 8" and then jump up to a larger someday and still use both a lot, like since the smaller telescope would have a wider FOV possibly.
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