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  1. Welcome to SGL, enjoy your stay.
  2. Andrew W

    Plymouth newbie

    Welcome to SGL, lots of good info and advice on here.
  3. Welcome to sgl, enjoy your time here.
  4. Ha! after all that I've just popped my M31 cherry between the clouds. I think describing it as a sneeze might be 'bigging it up' a bit. ;)
  5. after battling cloud for about an hour and a half last night and only just being able to make out Cassiopeia through the mire I'm off for a sneeze.
  6. Welcome to SGL. enjoy your time here.
  7. Andrew W

    Hi from mid Wales

    Welcome to SGL, lots of info on here. enjoy your stay
  8. cheers Dave, yes the G1 body weighs significantly less than my eyepiece and diagonal combined. I already have the t adaptor and the t ring should be here tomorrow/monday. guaranteed cloud for the next few days I reckon!
  9. Cheers Blazar, I suspect you may have already discovered it but just in case check out magic lantern which is a firmware upgrade for the eos m (I almost bought one!) lots of good stuff in it included a built in intervalometer.
  10. Andrew W

    Hello from Rome

    Welcome to SGL, enjoy your stay.
  11. another Devonian! Welcome from the North to SGL, enjoy your stay.
  12. Welcome to SGL, enjoy your stay.
  13. Welcome to SGL, enjoy your stay.
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