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  1. First light ! Good times :)

    1. ghostdance


      Going by the wall to wall clouds here & the number of gloomy posts re same, I guess we're all moving to Paris! You got space for a few guests? Next to the fridge maybe....:D

    2. Vox45


      I'll move the toaster so you can sit on the countertop ;)

  2. Got it ! Now have to wait for clear skies for 1st light

  3. Tomorrow's the day

  4. 5 days to first ligh

  5. 7 days to first light

  6. 13 days to first light

    1. tingting44


      i wouldnt be too sure with that statement, bound to be cloudy now lol

    2. Vox45


      yes ... the curse ! I cross my fingers, October is usually a good month here.

      The only issue is that through my kitchen's window I have a good view due south, but according to Stellarium (and celestial mechanics) there is not a lot to see that night... No planets (mars sets at around 8pm) and there is a full moon... Ho well

  7. 2 weeks to go

    1. Uplooker
    2. Stargazer33


      7th of October? ;o)

    3. Vox45


      yes ! and after 6 months of a painful wait, first light ! My wife will finally stop hearing about it... for a little while, until I wake her up in the middle of the night to look at some fuzzy DSO

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