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  1. Hello, haven't been on the site for quite a while. But last night got me looking up after many months of the binoculars sitting in their case. My kids are up for the long weekend here, and my eldest brought her boyfriend who is a medical student who has always lived in the city. The power was out most of the day and came back on at dinner time. But it went off again around 9PM and the skies cleared just enough for a good show. Got my 15x70 Resolux and the tripod and dragged the boy away from his laptop and out into the fresh air. Could just make out Orion under the clouds, but the rest of the sky was mostly clear for about an hour and my small town was dark and the street lights were out, so the view was excellent. After a few quick views through the binoculars on the tripod, I took them off, handed them over, and told him the lie down on the grass and just look up. (It was a warm night for October in these parts) The kid, who seldom sees a nice sky in the city, went absolutely silent and laid there looking up for a surprisingly long time. He knows all about medicine and the insides, but now he was seeing "the outsides" and he really was amazed. it was a great moment to share with my future son in law. It was the perfect power failure.
  2. Well, you Northampton fellows do have a reputation.
  3. No, she loses big time. I don't make a lot of money and I don't have a college degree, but I'm a handsome devil and us Canadian menfolk know how to keep a woman warm in winter. Clear skies tonight, off to the end of the road...
  4. For the past few years I've had a broken street light in front of my house. I live on a rural road and it's the only street light. The light goes on for about 30 seconds and then off for about two or three-minutes and then on for 30 seconds and off for two or three minutes and... and... and... All night every night. So I stand in the road and look up with my binoculars for a few minutes and all is great, and then the light comes on I close my eyes for 30 seconds, and when it goes off I go back to star gazing. Wash, rinse, repeat. I used to be able to enjoy Orion putting on a lovely show in the winter right in front of my house, albeit for only a few minutes at a time. Last night the light isn't going off. It's just on. Like a billion watt bulb from Hell. My stars are gone. My Milky way has vanished. This morning my wife asks if I noticed that the light stayed on now. I explained to my displeasure that I did. I asked her if they fixed it (she works for the city administration), and she says yes. She says the light maintenance company came by the office and she told them about the light and asked if they could fix it. "You did this!!! You had the light fixed!!!" She says yes. She said that it bugged her that it went on and off all night. ARRRRGHHHH! Right after I get my sweet new binoculars, and right as Orion is about to start it's winter show and the Pleiades are going to glow in that gorgeous blue tint they acquire on those arctic nights. Now I have to walk to the end of the road to get dark skies. Needless to say, I am withholding sex for the duration of our union.
  5. I'm going to look for Kemble's Cascade. Sounds great. Saw some lovely clusters, if that's what they are, beneath Cassiopeia . I'll check it out and see if they have a name. As for Jupiter, the moons were clear and separate, the spike was a light spike. Maybe my focus was off. I'm going to check out Stellarium. Thanks.
  6. Just FYI, it's officially "Ghostdance's Coathanger" around here. Right after he mentioned it to me I found it by lucky chance. And I don't know who stole the moon, because it should be up there horrible and bright, but it wasn't anywhere to be found tonight. Conditions were great! Dark and cloudless and the Milky Way was back. Thanksgiving here in Canada today and we had the wife's sister and her kids over. Took my niece out and we had a look at Saturn and Andromeda and a few clusters and she was actually interested. My own kids couldn't care less, but my niece showed genuine curiosity. She lives in the city and skies like we have them here are rare for her. What a great thing to share. Went back out after by myself, set up the reclining lawn chair and cruised around the Milky Way. If the moon is still absent in the early morning, I'm heading out to see Orion and the Pleiades. It will be my first moonless view with the new bins and the tripod. (Lost one of the objective covers on the lawn. Whoever designed them must have a friend who sells spares. They're pretty much built to fall off.)
  7. Necessity being the mother of invention, Wood-o-Pod might have to wait until I give this thing back before being brought into the world. The bins are great, though I admit to some trepidation when relying on those measly screw on the tripod to hold the adapter and the adapter to hold the bins themselves. Saw some spike(s) coming off of Jupiter. Everything else was crispy. Any idea about that?
  8. Evolution! Now I'm standing on the grass. The guy I work with is an excellent photographer and he passed me a nice heavy tripod he bought at a yard sale - is says Husky II on it - and it works beautifully. It's missing the adjustment screw for the central bar, but it's stuck at about the best height it could be. The legs are fine and the whole thing is solid. Last night stunk but I was up at 5am and spent about an hour outside. I admit to having second thoughts about buying 15x70s since I couldn't get them steady enough to really enjoy them, I thought maybe I should have got the Resolux 10x50 since I'm an informal star gazer. But once I had the 15x70 on the tripod it all came home. Rock steady. Beauty! And It goes high indeed. Even with the central bar stuck I can get the eye pieces to at least 72". The moon was super bright this morning, and was pretty much sitting right on the Pleiades, but I got to spend some time with Orion and Jupiter. Excellent views given that megawatt streetlamp in the sky. Jupiter from a steady mount had four moons, not the usual three I used to pick up, and Orion was crispy, but I could tell there was a lot(!) missing due to the bright sky. All in all, the tripod mounted binoculars cured me of my second thoughts woes. I would still like a second good pair of binoculars in 7x or 8x, but that can wait. About a week to dark skies. Can't wait!
  9. I had a week of excellent skies... and then the moon came out a few nights ago and washed away everything. It was like I lost 90% of my view. I was able to get a good look at Andromeda with my new 15x70, but it was still a smudge, though a nicer smudge than with my 12x50.
  10. Excelsior! Excellent delivery time - sent out Monday from Vancouver and here in Quebec Friday. 4000 kilometers by road. And free shipping. Gotta love it. As for the binoculars, I may be the last person here to be familiar with the Orion Resolux brand (and it's extended family), but these 15x70s really smell of quality. They come in a nice case with good padding. It's not a Pelican case, but it's nice. The binoculars are solid and heavy. Fit and finish are appropriate to the price. Anything that twists or turns does so only with effort. When I took them out of the case for the first time I had a visceral and shameful bout of materialism. "Oh... oh.... oh....!!!" You pick these things up and you know there's something going on. While certainly not lightweight, I think they will be fine for free hand use. Definitely going to work on a very-portable and a not-so-portable support system though. Took them to the front deck and tuned them in to the mountain about a mile away and the view was crispy. Bit of a hazy day so it's not the best viewing, but my first impression looking through them was "no complaints". We're supposed to have clear skies up until about midnight, so hopefully I can make some starlove tonight. Rest of the weekend is shot, so it's tonight or early next week.
  11. Binocular Sky, Thanks for the info and for your site. Spent a lot of time at your site before deciding on what binoculars to get. Great stuff.
  12. I'm hitting refresh on the postal tracking number site every fifteen-seconds. They went into the mail yesterday. The binoculars are being sent from Vancouver, which is like you ordering from the Urals. Very far away. Cloudy today. No Orion this morning.
  13. Ain't that young, London. I was reading Winnie the Pooh when Neil walked on the moon. Do those things strap to your head, or have frames, or do they just rest on your nose and you have to hold them?
  14. That is so cool and so weird. Do you wear them like glasses and just look around?
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