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    astronomy ( of course ! ), photography, reading popular science. Admirer of the work of the late Carl Sagan..like to listen to Dr Carl on Radio 5.....
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    West Mids UK
  1. is this model ok or are there later Canon DSLRs that would be better ?
  2. hello all, need advice cos there appears to be more than one type of trigger. I want to use one with a ballhead for my 15x70s...all advice gratefully received !
  3. will an older basic 10mp set up do for a scope starter like me ? Pls advise on a lens, which focal length ?
  4. thanks for advice all....bought a Strathspey adapter...does job perfectly...
  5. hello all...does anyone know how often these two stores have their 20-60x60 spotter scopes in....want to get one as a present for someone...
  6. the Celestron 15x70s are my advice. I gotta pair recently and they are brilliant value for money...all you need then is clear skies...!
  7. hello my friends...have been offered a tripod for my bins that weighs 1.75kgs and can support 4kgs. Is this enough for 15x70s ? Or do I need a really solid tripod ?
  8. got a plastic one with my bins, is a metal one better ?
  9. Hello all.....anyone got suggestions for a cheap beanbag for using bins from car window or what to use to make my own ?
  10. can anyone recommend a way to safely carry my 15x70s whilst riding my bike out to a dark location ? a flight case is too unwieldy.......!
  11. thanks for info dude.....will check it out a bit later !
  12. starting with the sun...any ideas on a quick win set up for a radio beginner...? gotta be a small setup though for small garden...
  13. thanks for best wishes all.....looks like where i live will actually have clear skies tonite Sunday 21st.....!!!
  14. just got Celestron 15x70's, love 'em but need a hard/ flight case...any advice on how to save money here ?
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