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  1. Hi, I have a TS Quadruplet 65mm Astrograph, HEQ5 mount and so far have been using my DSLR. I have had this set up for a couple of years and remain an amateur. My tracking skills require work so when money is no object I dream of an observatory so i can reduce the hassle. I would love a CCD camera to get images of planets and nebula. Please can you help me to choose what to buy. My budget is between £200 - £300. All thoughts gratefully received. Thanking you all in advance, Helen
  2. Thank you everyone for taking the time to help me. I think I have been aligning from the wrong starting position. I presumed to start from where I had positioned Polaris ( with the weights and scope horizontal ). I now presume that I should be starting with the weight down!!!! .......... my brain hurts, oh and it looks to be cloudy tonight!!! Helen
  3. Anglesea would be great as would Galloway Forest in Scotland and Kielder Forest in Northumberland. We have been to all the areas and they all have campsites. I did drive through part of the Peak District National Park which looked a possibility. Hope this helps a little helen
  4. thanks for your reply. i did contact my supplier and indeed the manual included an additional page stating that the mount is now supplied with the new polar scope engraving. i find this odd but apparently that is how they now come. i will try your link now, thank you. when looking through the polar finder does the engraving always have to have 0 at the top? i wonder if this is where i am going wrong. i will start again from scratch. all your help is most welcome Helen, Cheshire
  5. Could it be that I have rotated the polar scope etching wrong?
  6. Thank you for replying. I have done as you suggest with the handset. Is it vital for purposes of practicing aligning, to adjust the date and time silver dials? Is entering the info into the handset enough?
  7. Hi, I despair! I am doing something wrong. I am trying to polar align my mount. When I start a 2 star alignment the scope ends up looking in the opposite direction. The view of the diagram through the polar scope is of Octans and does not show the dipper. Has anyone any idea what I am doing wrong. All help very welcome. helen, Cheshire
  8. Thank you everyone for your responses. I was out in the garden last night with just the camera on a tripod on a timer and aimed at the Andromeda galaxy ( I think!!!) I stacked 80 photos and now have to master Photoshop Elements. I am no good at this teach yourself stuff. I need to join a club where I can meet up with others to show me how
  9. Hi, very envious of where you have moved to. Every night I look outside for clear skies here in Cheshire but there is always an Orange glow. We are off to Galloway forest in a few weeks for a few nights stargazing. Fingers crossed for clear skies
  10. I have a Nikon D5000 and a Nexstar 130slt. I have tried and tried to get an image when I connect the camera to the telescope with and with out Barlow lens. I just can not obtain an image. What am I doing wrong? Is it to do with the distance from camera sensor to telescope mirror? All help very welcome and badly needed. We are going to the Forest of Galloway in a few weeks to see some dark skies and I would like to be closer to achieving a semi decent image
  11. I have a Celestron 130slt telescope, a Nikon D5000, Photoshop Elements and Deep Sky stacker on my laptop plus a subscription to the Sky At Night magazine. I am hoping that with this combination plus clear skies and loads of luck I will be able to capture some star and nebula pictures. I am currently struggling with focus when attaching the camera to the telescope so up till now I have nothing worth shouting about.
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