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  1. I'm not slating it, I myself have said to many newcomers considering an 80mm achro on a goto to stop and consider an 8" or 10" dob. If you're visual then there really is no substitute for aperture. Of course big aperture and goto that actually works would be great, I got half the deal with my 14" synscan...
  2. Probably because every newcomer who asks about a first scope on here is pointed towards a 200 dob..... LOL
  3. Try looking around for a used ED80 they do come up from time to time and the money you save can improve the focuser if it hasn't been done already. Also as an aside, what mount are you using as the mount is even more important in some respects than the optics ?
  4. Evening all, Does anyone know if there is an adapter availabile to let you use 1.25" eyepieces on a standard 9 x 50 finderscope? I haven't sourced one and wondered if anyone had any luck or had even considered this? Cheers Stuart
  5. There's also no issue with pushing it in flush and clamping to the barrel with your compression ring. The lack of a standard for the undercut has been bemoaned for years with each retailer different. Cheers Stuart
  6. There is a surprising lack of dealers in the uk for Starlight given that feather touch focusers are so widely regarded as the best in the realistic price point. I ended up going direct to get what I was after and exchanged mails with Wayne to agree what was needed. Very professional and happy to deal with customers in the UK direct if you are looking at a nice upgrade. Cheers Stuart
  7. Yet more excellent service from Lee at Green Witch. Even posted a small item on his way home to make sure I got it next day. Great service on Televue items. Cheers Stuart
  8. Olly The one for the 66 will be a few weeks as the adapter is made to order to mate the ft to the tube. I looked at replacing my 66 but its ed triplet glass is pretty decent and the lack of a dual speed 2" focuser is all that is holding it back from being a great little wide field scope. So it's the same ft focuser that's in my Lunt solar scope that's going to be fitted and that will complete the lineup. Cheers Stuart
  9. A couple of things; How's your light pollution and how well do you know your way around the sky? I have the 350 flextube goto, although if you look on the forum you will see my trials with the GOTO not being so good on mine. That said the larger mirror gives astounding views and objects which i simply can't see in my 100mm frac are just there! A dark sky helps if you are manually finding objects in my experience, if you have light pollution and need to use filters / photography to see whats there then the Goto is a great help. As John highlighted though, these are big scopes, my 14" doesn't even fit through standard doorways in the UK so do bear in mind the size if you are buying one without seeing it first. Regards Stuart
  10. Isn't it shiny..... Brand new Microfocuser fitted to the TV102. The Televue 2" R&P is great but I miss my dual speed so fitted one of these bolt ons from Starlight Instruments. Very smooth and reduction gear to boot = happy astronomer. Just waiting on the one for my ZS66 and that will be all my 'fracs done! Happy Days Stuart
  11. Thanks Steve, Looks like an ADM Losmandy could be fitted but it probably creates as many problems as it solves for me. I will try a new focuser on my ZS66 first and see how that goes. Thanks again Stuart
  12. I'd think that trying in some way to support any accessory is likely to result in more flex and strain than just leaving it. Balance however is another issue and you may need to consider some counterweights. If your OTA is steel tubed then magnetic ones do a good job and can be moved around to suit the balance point depending on what you attach. Cheers Stuart
  13. Which 66 do you have Olly? I was touch and go whether to get a different scope or upgrade the focuser to a proper 2" as the 1.25" stck one was too limiting, even with the SCT thread. The modern equivalents all seem to be 70-71mm doublets, and I was looking for something in the 400-450mm focal length. Cheers Stuart
  14. I have finally ordered a feathertouch focuser for my ZS66 Triplet. I'm hoping this will allow me to use my Televue 0.8 reducer and hit focus with a dSLR, should give some great widefield vistas. Just a pity it's a Crayford style but even then im confident that a feathertouch crayford will be better than just about any other crayford. Just the lonnnnggggg wait now...... Cheers Stuart
  15. Steve, Can you show a photo of the bottom of the foot please? I am wondering if it will be possible to attach a Losmandy dovetail directly to the foot. I'm wondering if getting one of these and using my existing Tele Vue 0.8 reducer would be better than getting a Feathertouch focuser for my current WO ZS66ED Triplet as although the optics are better the scope can't currently use 2" accessories...... :cool: Cheers Stuart
  16. You should try to get a look through someone else's before you buy! The more expensive eyepieces will perform great in every scope and therefore can last a lifetime. The cheaper to produce models can perform excellently in in f10 SCT but very poorly in an f4-f5 newt. Generally speaking there is no such thing as a bad Televue or Pentax, there are some very good Baader, Celestron, Vixen etc. then at the bottom of the pile are the ones given away for free with your scope. These are generally pretty poor and often not even matched to the scope they are supplied with. Skywatcher for example tend to give the same 25mm and 10mm and barlow whether you are buying a small refractor, a Mak or a huge Dob.... Look secondhand for bargains, better brands have a good reputation for a reason and if possible meet up with a local group and try out some of their nice eyepieces before deciding what you want for yourself. Cheers Stuart
  17. All filters block light out and therefore all are generally better in larger scopes. In a small refractor the benefit you will see is reduced and you may be better getting a filter with greater light pass just so you can still see at all. I have a DGM Optics I got from the states and they get great reviews on cloudy nights but in my 100mm refractor the results have been variable (the skyglow is gone but the features of nebulas don't exactly jump out). I am witholding judgement though until I can try it in the 355mm Dob where it really should excel. Regards Stuart
  18. There are often bargains to be had and looking around the classifieds you might well pick up a Televue barlow for around £40-50. What can be said about the Televue barlow, well put simply "the best". You will not notice it is there except for the magnification increase and it will not introduce any noticable degredation of your image. Other cheaper barlows are available and other results are also achievable but I haven't met the person yet who regretted getting a Televue. Cheers Stuart
  19. i have three feathertouch focusers and am currently considering another. They are simply put the bees knees. I'm only stalling on the fourth one as the adapter and focuser are going to cost more than the scope they would be going on and I'm trying to justify it to myself...
  20. +1 for the 130p http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube.html Should be a great starter scope and much better than the one I started out with! Regards Stuart
  21. If youre carrying it for 5-10 mins then a dob will get very heavy very quickly and a lightweight refractor will be better. However, as you are looking to undertake visual astronomy first and foremost, there really is no substitute for aperture. Therefore the largest diameter of scope you can carry and afford is the one you want. An Alt-Az mount will be ideal for visual as theyre relatively easy and lightweight compared to their EQ cousins. If it wasn't for your walk i'd easily suggest the largest "second hand" dobsonian you can afford. If you look on UK astro buy and sell or get access to the classifieds on here you will find decent second hand scopes at a good saving allowing you more "bang for your buck" Welcome to the hobby and all the best with your observations. Stuart
  22. However to get max benefit they both need to be as long as practical. 11 - 15" in old money is a good bet. BUT, make sure your tubes are long enough on your scopes!! Regards Stuart
  23. Earl, You really are making us mere mortals a little jealous lol... I see on your sig it says CGE but you show your scopes on the EQ6, do you prefer the EQ6 over the CGE for handling these beauties? Cheers Stuart
  24. Only thing to check is the price difference with the skywatcher and celestron equivalent scopes. They are all pretty much the same but Orion's do tend to be a bit pricier. The good news is once you have dabbled you can re-use the scope as a guide scope if you upgrade to a better corrected main imaging scope.
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