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  1. I had a Baader one and didn't really take to it. The cheaper 8-24mm and even the televue one just didn't cut it for me. The Nagler zooms however are amazing over their short ranges. As has been said if you are f9 of f10 then probably a Baader or vixen is as good as you need. If you are using or hoping to use say f5 or f4 optics then be prepared to spend £400 - £800 for a quality well corrected zoom.
  2. Do you know the model Gina, there are loads...
  3. How's that for size Peter I have so much to cart around I really want something small and light.
  4. I hate the thought of having to use a laptop out in the field and currently use an lvi smartguider. If I was to go down the phd route I'd be looking for a small light net book type computer with good battery life. Anyone got any good suggestions or experience with what they use? Cheers Stuart
  5. I love the views through my 14" but its such a beast to cart around that mostly it gets left behind...
  6. The televue 2-4 and 3-6 are excellent because they cover a relatively short focal range but give you the chance to squeeze the last drop of seeing. For longer focal lengths I tried a number of 8-24 and 7-21 zooms, all were pretty poor. My current Pentax XW 8-24mm is the best by far but at £400 not cheap. Even it isn't as good as individual fixed focal lengths but it is very convenient for grab and go. Cheers Stuart
  7. Isn't the CA on these a fair bit worse than the later 101mm at f5.6 was it? Was looking for a genesis but ended up getting the 102 as its really my visual scope while shorter faster 66 and 85 are snapping away.
  8. Of course you could always get a nice TV 102, nice and long at f8.6 (Not what you wanted), nice and heavy (not what you wanted) and totally unsuitable for a flimsy little mount (not what you wanted). But hey, thought i'd throw it out there :laugh: TS are good to deal with and stand up guys. Cheers Stuart
  9. I haven't taken the time to measure but I'm thinking my best results are when the guider has short exposures on maybe a mag 5 or 6 star. It can guide on fainter stars but the longer exposures makes for a more variable result in my own experiences.
  10. Good luck with the new scope when you get it. I'm sure she will be a beaut...
  11. No snow here guys. Lovely sunny day. A bit cold but otherwise very nice...
  12. I have the DGM one, purchased from the states, they are very highly thought of over in America and have taken a lot of Business from Lumicon. I have only had the chance to use mine in 3-4" refractors so far, it definately cuts out the skyglow and makes the contrast better. However I really want to give it a go in the 14" dob to see what it can really do.... Cheers Stuart
  13. Well, I pressed the Go button so hopefully it will be an end to the dreaded Glasglow..... That horrible orange hue that overexposes in no time.
  14. I do get decent guiding with my standalone auto guider. But as I said, a fairly bright star pretty central in the fov is essential.
  15. Are these lenses not the ones from the old Televue 101? I understood these were slower front objectives which were then reduced by the rear elements in the Televue design. Just wondering if these are lenses Televue already have or just something they know how to make well. Just a thought Cheers Stuart
  16. That would work as a basic setup yes. You can get far more sensitive guide cameras and use phd to guide via computer. You can also use finder guiders to keep the weight down. You will find the synguider needs a bright star pretty central on the chip to give decent results. Cheers Stuart
  17. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5194_TS-APO80Q---80mm-f-6-5-Quadruplet-Astrograph---44mm-field.html You mean like this one?
  18. I've looked at that ad at least 3 times over the last year. I need a pronto to complete my TV small scope line up.
  19. That ads been there for ages. Probably was put up for the one Peter snaffled!
  20. Guys I sent in a request but haven't seen anything back yet. It says its still waiting to be allocated.
  21. Is that a standard DSLR or astro modded? Nice pics you have there. Cheers Stuart
  22. The problem is there really isn't a one scope fits all solution. For purely visual you have to argue long and hard to do better than as large a dobsonian as you can afford/handle. For imaging you really want a short length fast colour corrected refractor like an ED80 on a sturdy mount like an heq5 or eq6 but it gets very expensive very quickly in the imaging game. For some an SCT is a good compromise on aperture for visual at f10 and use a corrector to get down to f6.3 for imaging, however the field of view is narrow (good for planets and the moon, not so good for deep sky and star fields) As a result you might notice that many members have several scopes to cover various needs. Most folks are however pointed towards a 200mm dobsonian as a great first scope. Cheers and welcome Stuart
  23. Are these still covered by the return gaurentee if the filter doesnt keep out the "Glasglow" Steve? Might be a good solution to a permanent fixed filter on my Canon 20Da Cheers Stuart
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