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  1. I have one of Howie's lasers bought through Starlight. It is simple and accurate, does what it does very well in a body designed for both 2" and 1.25" focusers. Pricey but top quality usually is. Well done FLO on getting these onto your stock list. Cheers Stuart
  2. Yes that's what I use. It's easy enough once you get used to it. Plus with the higher frame rate you should get better stacks. There are some good workflow guides online for solar imaging. You will probably also want to use a Barlow or powermate to get closer to the action anyway!!
  3. Better with one which is ha sensitive like the 618s. Don't worry about getting it all in one go you can do a 4 pain mosaic easy and will need to merge surface and prom data anyway.
  4. And very nice it is too with its feathertouch focuser.... Cheers Stuart
  5. So what your saying is I should keep all the scopes but thin down my eyepieces instead..... Interesting
  6. I'm actually quite happy with my eyepieces lol!!! Cheers Stuart
  7. I don't have the weather or location to image seriously. I will snap away with a dSLR but I sold off my Atik cameras last year as they just werent getting used. I have had 6 nights under clear skies since about august last year and there's only been a few I've missed due to other commitments. I'd really love a Tak but in reality it would most likely be wasted here with the cloud and I dont have a permanent setup as I need to travel 20 miles or so to get out of Glasgow and It's awful orange sky. Cheers Stuart
  8. Yes Olly it's one of the rare ZS66 ED triplets at f7 Cheers Stuart
  9. Haha. That's the problem. My heart says keep them all even though they aren't getting used. My head says I should think about what I could live without. The Televue scopes are classic doublets, well made and classics. The William Optics scopes were only let down by their focusers and these have both been replaced with feathertouch ones so they're pretty good. My head hurts again lol... Cheers Stuart
  10. Thanks Rowan. Had hoped for more opinions but thanks for taking the time to consider and reply. Cheers Stuart
  11. Thanks Gina. Having swore off imaging and sold my CCD gear it's a learning game again with dSLR. My flats for example were rubbish. Need to work on that. Cheers Stuart
  12. Trying to make the most of the first clear nights this year! TV85 reduced to f5.6, Canon 20Da, NEQ6, finder guider with DMK and PHD 10 x 10 minute frames Had to stop when I had ICE on the objective.... Needs loads more data though, might try it again some time. Regards Stuart
  13. Woooooo Hooooooo!!!!! Finally a decent dealer for Starlight and No more fights with customs. I hope you will stock or at least be able to order the Micro Focusers for TeleVue and Tak as there may be a few takers out there. Good News guys. Cheers Stuart
  14. Greetings, Well I never thought this day would come but I think I have too many scopes, or at least too many similar scopes. I have been going round and round trying to decide what should go and what should stay and I would welcome some objective opinions. For the time being at least I am keeping my Solar scope and Big Dob so it's really the 'fracs I'm pondering over. - William Optics 132FLT with 3.5" Feathertouch - Really good Triplet optics, solid build, silky smooth focuser, big and heavy - William Optics ZS66 Triplet with 2" Feathertouch - Really good Triplet optics, solid build, silky smooth focuser, small size and weight - TeleVue 102 with Feathertouch Microfocuser, excellent optics and mechanics, no rotation on focuser though, f8.6 is slow for imaging. - TeleVue 85 with Feathertouch Microfocuser, excellent optics and mechanics, no rotation on focuser though, can be reduced to f5.6 with a flat field for imaging. - TeleVue 70 Pronto, great for grab and go, not really designed for imaging as such. Being realistic, I'd say that two of these should go. Alternatively I could consider selling more and getting say a BabyQ for imaging and either keep one for visual or get a cheaper Skywatcher version :huh: Anyway, anyone with any ideas or opinions then i'd like to hear. Space is at a premium as my Flat doesn't have much storage. Regards Stuart
  15. Too cloudy here as usual to see these events. You're lucky to have captured it
  16. With a mono camera you can even use Baader safety film over the objective of your existing Megrez and get good sunspot photos. If you want to see surface texture or proms etc then you need a dedicated Ha filter system or scope. Cheers Stuart
  17. Whilst the scope that gets used most is best, you do need to consider when you would get another TV102, they don't exactly grow on trees. I love the views through my 14" dob but the thing is just so bulky and heavy. My TV102 is up and running on an ALT Az mount in 60 seconds with no effort at all. Just my 2p worth of course.... Cheers Stuart
  18. Unless your mount is phenomenal and highly accurately aligned, you will need to guide. On my NEQ6 with the TV85, it is ok for visual over a decent length of time, however for imaging anything over 30 seconds or so starts to show. Cheers Stuart
  19. The scope definately needs a flattener and at native f7 a reducer is good too. I couldn't get my 2" Televue 0.8 reducer to focus as the original focuser had to add a 2" adapter to the end and I needed more in focus. So I had to replace the focuser and what else could I get except a feather touch.... Cheers Stuart
  20. New Feathertouch focuser arrived at last for my little ZS66 Triplet. Finally my TV reducer will come to focus on my dSLR. All I need now are some clear nights to try out the WO MkII and TV0.85 to find what gives the best results in this scope. The new focuser is a Crayford (I know Olly!!) but it is rock solid. Piccies to see lol.... Cloud, Cloud and more Cloud sigh....
  21. The TV85 gets used for imaging, with the TV reducer it's f5.6 and great for DSO's. I use the TV102 for visual on the TV Gibralter mount while any imaging run is ticking away. The TV102 is a great scope, but TBH the difference over a Skywatcher 100mm f9 wouldn't rationally justify the price difference. The TV85 is probably my most used scope at the moment. Cheers Stuart
  22. I love my tv85 and tv102 scopes but in all likelihood your SCT will win on planets. With the tv85 you will be looking for more and more image scale and detail and the extra diameter of the cat will come into play. For wide field low power the tv85 is a joy to use. Especially with a feathertouch micro focuser.... You have two good scopes which should keep you busy for a long time. Cheers Stuart
  23. Ah yes of course it depends on the mod. Some are full spectrum and others are not...
  24. You will most likely want some filter in place with IR cut to avoid bloated stars. Your new camera will be very sensitive to IR if it isn't blocked. Most folks usually leave either an ir/uv block filter or a cls type light pollution filter with built in ir/uv blocking permanently in place. You leave it in for lights, flats, darks and everything (although darks shouldn't matter but good practice) Cheers Stuart
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