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  1. I live on a 6,000+ acre farm up on Exmoor, (not mine though), and have great views of the sky with no lp whatsoever, on clear nights the sky is absolutely littered with stars but as I've only just got into the hobby I've only been in the garden a few times and not really sussed much out yet. There are a few high points within 10 minutes drive from me that I intend to visit although I'll probably encounter lp from Bristol and a few other places up there.
  2. Cheers ronin, we're in Barnstaple at least once a week so will have a good look in the charity shops there, will also see if I can work out what's wrong with my others but need a smaller pair to take out and about with me anyway
  3. I'm looking for a decent (ish) pair of binoculars for around the £50 mark, mainly to use for general daytime viewing but also to have a quick scan of the night sky, I've just read the binocular sky article on choosing a 1st pair for astronomy and reckon I'll settle on 10 x 50's so would welcome any recommendations. Now the problem is I have had a pair of 13 x 70's for years now but can't look through them because for some reason I find it impossible to just see one field of view if you know what I mean, basically no matter what I do I can always see a sort of double view..........does anyone k
  4. I can't see a classified section, where is it?.........ordered the other one now!
  5. Hi Joel, yes I've read the article and if I've worked it out right it recommends ep's of 7.5, 17, 25, & 40mm , (rounded to the nearest mm). Nick I appreciate that the BST's will be worth the money but as I only paid £65 for the scope and I'm pretty skint I'll give them a miss until a later date, £20 for the skywatcher sp plossl's will do for now so I was just asking which one I should go for out of the 4 sizes I've indicated..........ie which one will be of more use to me atm, cheers.
  6. Right, I've decided I will get one of the Skywatcher SP Plossl for now and see what I think...........what size do I go for though?, I reckon the 20mm that came with the scope should be fine for observing the moon, (I can't see a thing out of the 10mm that also came with it though), so want something that will give me a decent view of stars and other planets, 12.5mm? 17mm? or any other recommendations?, I don't want to go too mad at the moment because I can see myself upgrading the scope next year
  7. yes I have that, will try and have a look at it tonight.............could do with some maps I can take outside with me, thanks for the reply much appreciated
  8. Hi, I hope this is in the right section, (still finding my way around here ), can anyone recommend some literature for a beginner, (I've just ordered Turn Left At Orion), and especially star maps so I can figure out what I'm looking at.........thanks in advance
  9. cheers guys, yeh I've noticed that the 20mm is much better, in fact I can't see a thing with the 10mm!.........I will get that Turn Left At Orion as it's the 2nd time it's been recommended cheers
  10. wow what a friendly bunch!..........well went out again last night and was much more impressed, slowly beginning to realise that what I'm looking at is only visible because of the scope, (I'm one of those that previously thought that what you see when you look up is all that's there ), again saw quite a few shooting stars including a cracker that I was lucky enough to track for a bit but the best thing was a very faint glow that we noticed but couldn't make out what it was with the naked eye, turned out to be a lovely cluster, (is that the right word?), of stars that looked fantastic through
  11. thanks, it will probably be into the new year or even later before I get another scope..........would I be right in saying the 10mm & 12.5 mm are the high power ones or does it work the other way round, I presume most eyepieces fit most scopes?
  12. ah right, well it was pretty much like that in your pic but to be honest we couldn't actually make a disc out in the middle but I'm sure one was there cheers Dave, yep true scousers are nice people that will do anything for you but unfortunately there are a few wrong 'uns around and it's these that have given us a bad name in the past
  13. Hi I have just bought my first telescope, a Celestron Astomaster 70, and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me regarding it, (and before anyone suggests it I will upgrade to something better once I can afford it ), for instance should I change the diagonal for a better one, what about eyepieces, it came with a 10mm and a 20mm but I presume there are better out there, can't afford the top spec ones but there must be something that will make the scope perform better without breaking the bank plus I would presume it would be a good idea to have a few different ones to use. Having a bit o
  14. Thanks guys........JamesF I'm up near Lynton, astromerlin yes I've downloaded Stellarium already, fwm891 I've tried looking through it in the day but things look a little too bright, not sure I have it set up right yet though plus reckon I may change the diagonal & get better eyepieces if possible, (I'll have a look through the site 1st and see what advice there is before I buy anything though), rwilkey......out of focus?, you mean I haven't discovered a new planet?
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