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  1. Just the thread I needed. I'm with you on this one Gerhard. Only I am using a sony a6000 with it's 18-55mm, kit lens. Yesterday I tried for the first time but with a 55-210 kit lens having no idea what I was doing, my shots were all fudge Looking as if it was just white spots on a black paper. I was using 30s exposure, 3200 or 6400 ISO and HDR (for some reason I thought it was gonna be better), and 4,5 aperture.
  2. Willisamus

    First attempts/Nightsky

    With sony a6000, kit lenses 18-55mm 3,5, 55-210mm, 4.5.
  3. Willisamus


    Welcome to SGL and best of luck with the studies!
  4. Jag kommer från Stockholm men har flyttat upp till Östersund. Är nere ibland till och från dock! Vilket vackert föreningsobservatorium ni har! Det är ett sånt jag vill ha här i trädgården Det vore häftigt, jag hade glömt bort astronomiföreningar. Jag ska se över mina möjligheter, ska ner i Oktober. En tisdagsvisning skulle nog vara fullt möjligt, om inte annat.
  5. Very much looking forward to reading "Rendezvous with Rama". Hopefully some more of Philip K Forbidden Word's work will be filmed. I suggest if you're interested in him as a person, to pick up his autobiographical book "the exegesis". Yes indeed! Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies Blew me away first watch! Great atmosphere and the ending with Roy Batty is perfect.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  7. Says a 27 year old lousy student who's always been into space, sci-fi, in both film and litterature (Any Philik K [removed word] fans around?), as well as astronomy of course. So I am pleased to have found this forum, which seems to hold a lot of information! I'm yet without gear however, I've only just aquired my first DSLR 2 weeks ago. So I have still ways to go, thinking I might just start with some binos this year and learn the sky. Oh and I'm looking for anyone who's got astrophotography experience with the sony NEX camera (I am using the latest, a6000). Best regards, Will
  8. Proflight, I've also picked up a sony a6000, which was also beautiful until a drip of snot hit the screen... Anyhow! I see you haven't gotten any replies here and I this was the only thread I found searching for "sony a6000". How have things gone? Has anyone else used this camera for this purpose? I also want to dive into astrophotography with this camera. Greetings from sweden. /Will
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