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  1. Hi Alan, Thank you for a comprehensive reply, I have been using the free trial version but have got stuck on ACP weather interface for HitechAstro relying on a script to interface with ACP. How do I set out to do this any example would help. Cheers Pickwck
  2. I considered a ROR but with a small garden went for the Pulsar Dome, I picked up a 2.7 m demo version with both the shutter and rotation unit instaled, there were one or two teathing problems resolved by Pulsar who are quick to respond to requests for help. I can control the dome from my lap top and also from the control unit. The hightecAstro weather delux own software will report rain and cloud. I sent my control unit back to Pulsar for a modification of the control unit with an additional socket. This enables the rain sensor to close the shutter without the need for any computer using a rel
  3. I have a pulsar dome with Rigel Shutter and Azimuth with sensor please has any one have any experiance in connecting this to Sky X Many thanks Pickwick
  4. I have the HitecAstro deluxe weather sensor and need advice as to how to connect to a pulsar dome. I have Maximdl and sky X. Best wishes Piickwick
  5. Hi Alan Unlike you I have a Pulsar Dome with Rigel Controled rotator and shuter control. MaximDl has an interface with the Boltwood Cloud Detector. I am really mainly interested in the shuter closure should rain be detected on the Hightec Delux do you use Maxim or the Hightec software to achieve this? Many thanks Pickwick
  6. The Boltwood cloud sensor will work with Maxim DL but is pricey, The aurora cloudsensor is more reasonable but do not know how reliable it is for automated dome shutter closure. The Hightec cuirrently does not appear to be available again how reliable?
  7. Hi Guys, I use a loadstar with Maxim DL. If you set the exposure in the continuous mode this aids focusing. Usually there is suffiient back focus to get this right ie get the stars as pin point as posible but this is not critical. Should the back focus be insuffucient you can get a add on that will screw into the loadstar then cut it to length. By the way if you are going for the Loastar get the latest version X2 because it has a proper autoguider socket. I am not versed in the set up you have why not give Micheal Haty a bell for advise.
  8. Hi Everyone, Members have kindly advised that I should repost this on the imaging site. I am a new member and for a little back ground I am Based on the English South Coast and have been a keen Astronomer from the Age of 10 now many years later in the new Digital Age I am looking to upgrade my old CCD Camera. My Telescope a 152 mm F9 focal, length 1368 mm, oil spaced triplet is mounted permanently on an Astro-Physics 900 GOTO and can be controlled either by the hand Paddle or from my Lap top using Maxim DL vs. 5 & 6 together with SKY X with T Point add on. I find this set up very accurate
  9. Hi Everyone, I am a new member and for a little back ground I am Based on the English South Coast and have been a keem Astronomer frpm the Age of 10 now many years later in the new Digital Age I am looking to upgrade my old CCD Camera. I have a new StarlightXpress Filter Wheel with 1.25 filters RGBL and a Loadstar X2 guider. There are a perplexing choice of CCD cameras so I am asking you for your opinions on those on The Market. Both SXP and Apogee are based in The UK which helps if anything goes wrong as there no international Borders to Cross and no Currency Exchanges to consider. I am looki
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