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  1. Thanks guys for replies, I also own a canon 700d so i could use the gstar ex4 which i already own as a guider untill i get a larger chip astro camera something like asi ZWO ASI071mc cooled or ZWO ASI1600mc cooled .
  2. Hi guys just about to take the plunge on my first refractor .Have narrowed it down to either 102MM FCD100 AIR-SPACED TRIPLET ED APO IN CARBON FIBER or the bigger 127MM FCD100 AIR-SPACED TRIPLET ED APO IN CARBON FIBER i have heard that that the es fr/ff only works on the 127/152mm .I will be using this for imaging GSTAR-EX4 colour camera Image Sensor: Sony Exmor IMX174,Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (2.35 Mega pixels)Size: 1/1.2" (13.4mm diagonal) (3:2 aspect)Pixels: 5.86μm x 5.86μm Exposure: 0.244 sec ~16 mins Cooling: Fan vented with heat sink fins (on/off .Keep in mind this is my first dedicated a
  3. g/day this is the link https://www.otelescope.com/files/ for downloads
  4. I have had no probs conecting stellarium through my celestron cgem mount and win 10,youu must select your virtual port location you picked on your nextremote .For example when you set up pc port com 2 virtual com7 you must choose com7 in stellarium
  5. I have a edge 925 and used a cge dovetail ( Losmady bar) on top with this works a treat.
  6. g/day mate welcome to forum from the east coast (oz) hervey bay qld
  7. Thanks guys the reason i want osc is i may in future go hyper star on my c925 edge hd , so trying to get a camera that can serve both ota setups.It seems the ED80 will be a good widefield astro frac for me,and my mount celestron gem will handle it with my guiding scope st80 ok.
  8. G/day all have been doing planetary for a while thinking i may need another ota for wide field as my c925 edge at f10 will be a problem.i am thinking the Skywatcher Pro 80 ED APO REFRACTOR OTA .Would this be a good astrophotography rig matched with my celestron cgem mount .my camera is a unmodded canon 700d which i run through backyard eos and i have bought a sw st80 with a mono prostar Lp guide camera for guiding . In the future i will be either getting the zwo asi 1600 osc cooled or asi 071 osc cooled any advice would be great. cheers
  9. g/day mate welcome to the forum frome hervey bay qld
  10. seeing was pretty bad with cloud so had to deal with conditions .was really a dry run with equipment .will be running from bye next time
  11. cheers mate still learning all this software ,taking to image easer part i think
  12. this is my mounting on my c925 hd Rock solid with th st80
  13. finally had a chance to try astrophotography (baby steps) hahaha ,with my cgem 925 hd and focal reducer 6.3 i think have know idea on brand or spacing needed suited fo dslr and 700d in video mode 45 sec .Then ran through pipp,autostakkert,then star tools then light room then photoshot 2017 which i am still learning (only got yesterday) .Was happy with first time out .any pointers or suggestions appriciated
  14. thanks for the advise will contact optec see how i go,but was only usining 700d for a while as looking at asi 1600 osc cooled,cheers
  15. G/day mate as far as celestron sct i own the 925 edge hd it is awsome both of your choices a good but i would look at a heavier mount i run cgem .i think you will find avx bit light by the time you start adding imaging and guiding equipment .
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