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  1. thanks , i do not think any object traveling at speed in Saturn's region could be visible in an 8inch telescope.
  2. hi was observing saturn today28th march20016 2:38Am (Indian Standard time) was a (something)cant describe it small passed below Saturn (above in the eyepiece), if it would have been stationary i would not have caught it.can any one help me out,cant have been a meteor or astroid.? Earth bound satellites look bright. 8 inch Skywatcher Newtonian 9mm Orion EP + 2X Barlow Site New Delhi
  3. hi, what do i need for viewing on a laptop,and some snapshots for keep a record of the viewing. Love watching open clusters. Have a SW-BKP200DS on an eq5(manual) mount. advise please, Thanks.
  4. thanks Alan64 i have the same pdf, and did all that is mentioned,this seems a bit well not robust as compared to a nut to hold the central screw.
  5. hi i finally got the bresser mount, while setting up the separator plate, i am not able to tighten it without the mount, and there is only a c-clip below the mounting threads on the main central screw to stop the whole separator plate and central screw from coming down Is this right or am i not doing it correctly. any help will be appreciated . Thanks
  6. wouldn't the fixed mirrors give a steadier image, the newtonian design OTS use all the accessories also so....
  7. Was wondering why MAK & SCT use focusing knobs that move the mirror, rather than have a regular focuser like Craford, Rack and Pinion.... Is there a specific reason behind this, i read some thing about the Image shift, this method causes so why not upgrade the design
  8. hi, these are some of the sites i came across that deal in astronomical telescopes. 1 http://www.tejraj.com/ 2 http://www.skywatcher-india.com 3 www..telescopeshopindia.com Luck
  9. hi take a look at the Explorer scientific 152AR http://explorescientificusa.com/collections/ar-doublet-series/products/152mm-achromatic-refractor
  10. have alook at this http://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-102-eq2.html
  11. hi, there are tradeoff for each of the choices, get the beginner a portable telescope in which he doesnt have to fiddle with the optics
  12. hi i think ronin got it right, could the collimation issue cause the bad seeing at higher power if you have a barlow try it with 25mm ep,if the seeing is bad still you can put it to Atmosphere.
  13. saurabh dh


    thanks guys for a warm welcome,already posted in the suggested forum.
  14. C6 has a decent f/10, and more apperture than mak ?
  15. Apperture Wins, but new Skw Mak has 2inch focuser and Diag.
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