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    Sorry a beginner here but what sort of telescope is needed to view the above
  2. Thank you for the above advice everyone. Will take my time and make sure I get the right one. Most likely indoors and I want a bit of both. Astro/images
  3. 130mm reflector is what I need then. Thank you. Shall have a look? What are the other things to look for?
  4. So what telescope would you guys recommend? 3" reflector Tracking device Slr conector 130m reflector People have mentioned the above that should be needed
  5. Yeh I have a few others that are similar. Skymaps etc. will download this to my iPhone Thanks
  6. Sorry to ask s silly question but I what is stellarium?
  7. this is from Today taken via iPhone. I can see jupiter but can just about see 4 dots for the moons. I just want to take it up a notch and get something which I can see more from and more clearly. I am a beginner. Am I being over ambitious and expect to see too much too soon?? Was recommended this.. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00000K3RI/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/178-8433350-5771406#productDescription_secondary_view_pageState_1425243677979
  8. Currently I have a star watcher Mercury 705. Want to upgrade to something better which I can continue to upgrade. One that's also got a camera mount. Also which camera do you recommend? What can I expect to see with new telescope?
  9. I've got skymaps but there's a problem with my settings and it's annoying me. The stars don't move and stay in one place. Where ever I point it comes back to the same star
  10. Where is comet lovejoy? Can it be seen in uk
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