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  1. I use both Stellarium and Cosmos Celestron Navigator. The Celestron app has a huge database and provides information for most objects in the sky (along with pictures). I use that during the day to decide what I will look at during my observations, then go over into Stellarium mobile once I'm out in the field. Stellarium mobile is very streamlined, so I don't get distracted and keep my eye on the prize(s)!
  2. I love looking at the Hercules Cluster, it's my go to object when I am having a tough time finding DSO's, gives me a burst of energy to keep at it!
  3. Great resources. Currently trying to tackle all the Messier objects so I can use as much help as I can get! There are just so many of them...
  4. Thanks everyone! It's awesome to have so many people to encourage me and give me such a warm welcome. Look forward to picking at your guy's heads for more information! And michigander, nope, don't really care for baseball.
  5. I use a simple notebook, not high-tech, but it gets the job done and I can check back on it whenever I want(no computer needed) Not a pro here though, I have only had my telescope for a couple months...
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Patrick. I just recently bought my first telescope, an Orion 6XT, a few months ago. I absolutely love this telescope, I feel that it gives me enough aperture without being too overwhelming, but is also easy to throw in the back of the car and take it to a dark site. (I drive south about 30 minutes to a grey/blue zone area.) I have the cheap plossls that come with it(6mm, 25mm and 15mm I think...), and also bought a Celestron Xcel-X 9mm. I'm thinking about a getting the ES82 14mm here soon. That eyepiece should provide me with wider and brighter views on the DSO's that I
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