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  1. Thanks for clearing that up John. For the price difference, I think I will stick to the 1.25" EPs for now. The big 2" EPs I will add to my 'one day' list which is growing all the time! I will also wait until I live somewhere with dark enough skies to make the best of them as right now, even if I had an eyepiece which could fit all of Andromeda in, I'm not sure I would actually be able to see the outer, dimmer regions anyway.
  2. Thanks for your further replies, lots of food for thought. I've never been sure about 2" eyepieces. Does it mean changing the eyepiece adapter every time you switch eyepieces? Also things like barlows and filters are geared to be 1.25" or 2" so it seems easier to keep everything at one or the other size. What's other people's take on this? Phoobar, that has thrown something new into the mix! I hadn't been aware of these EPs before and would be tempted to go a little over budget for such a good sounding EP. Sounds like people have had supply issues in the past with them. Has anyone bought one recently? Thanks for the advice again everyone
  3. Welcome to sgl from another skywatcher 200p owner.
  4. Thanks for the replies, My budget is around £50, preferably below. The AAEC will be pleased to know that I do intend to add another BST! Probably the 12mm. I like the look of the vixen 30mm, sounds like the quality is a bit better and have to admit I'm swayed by the idea of Japanese optics. An 8,12 and 30mm plus a barlow would give me a nice mix too. So i'll probably be asking about barlows soon as well!
  5. Hey fellow stargazers, Am looking to add my next eyepiece to my collection, this time at the low powered end of the spectrum. I'm a big fan of the 8mm BST I have so am tempted by the 25mm version. I'm just wondering if there are better options for a similar price? A 32mm plossl would give a similar FOV and be a shade cheaper. Also considering the vixen NPL 30mm or the Baader classic ortho 32mm. Thanks for any advice guys, Dave
  6. Finally got around to making a cooling fan for my Skywatcher 200p. It's far from perfect but with my lack of diy skills I'm just amazed it works! Being on a tight budget I didn't want to spend too much and wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I was aiming for a budget of £20 but ended up spending £30, although some of that was on things I can use again like the wire strippers, tape and velcro. 12v computer fan £3.39 on amazon, 12v battery box (8x AA batteries) with on off switch £4.59 on amazon, 8 x AA batteries £3.10 on amazon, Velcro stick on tape £2.59 on amazon, insulation tape 99p on amazon, wire cutters/ strippers £5.11 on amazon, black neoprene plain sponge/rubber foam sheet 250 x 250 x 25 £9.85 on ebay. I've seen people use acrylic to mount the fan but I didn't have the tools to work with it. The foam was relatively easy to work to shape with a sharp knife and pair of scissors, and the fan sits snuggly within it. The finish was untidy around the edges but it sits at the bottom of the scope so I'm not too bothered. I also thought the foam would help cushion any vibrations from this cheap fan. I attached a couple of pictures of how the fan and battery box were connected. This is because it took me ages to work out how to connect a fan designed to plug into a computer to a power supply. If only I new it was so simple! Just cut the plugs off the end of each wire, strip the plastic coating from the ends of each wire separating out the red and black ones, entwine the copper wires- red to red and black to black, wrap the red and black wires individually in insulating tape and then both together. And it worked! Hope that helps anyone else who was wondering how to do it, although I'm sure most of you knew already! I attached it to the bottom of the scope using velcro so that it doesn't directly touch the primary mirror cell. I tried it out briefly although typically it was cloudy so difficult to see if it made any difference to the view of Jupiter. I'm looking forward to seeing if it sharpens up my view of the moon at higher magnification. I don't usually have enough time to let the fan cool down outside before I start observing so this should help. If I were to make this again, I would probably buy a smaller fan and perhaps power it with a rechargable 9v battery and battery clip. The battery box is quite big and heavy and it is not aesthetically pleasing how it juts out at the bottom of the scope although it makes it easy to find the on/off switch. If it introduces vibration at 12v I will use rechargables (which I probably will anyway) to reduce the voltage to 9.6. Other than that I'm fairly happy with this ugly thing for now.
  7. I bought the 8mm from Skies the limit ebay site. I was unsure at first as well but so many people on here seemed to recommend it. It's a great eyepiece, a significant upgrade on the stock eyepieces I had and much better value than anything else out there I could find. The service is good too, quick delivery etc I'll be going back there with any Christmas money I get, for either the 12mm or the 25mm!
  8. No it's not a compression ring unfortunately. Nice to see this thread pop up again, it was so useful and informative in helping me choose my 200p. Thanks, adz.
  9. Hi and welcome from across the A52
  10. Hi alr and welcome from another newbie! Sometimes I wish I'd got a goto scope. I do get immensely frustrated when I can't find something and am not sure whether it's because the object's too faint or I'm looking in the wrong place. But then again it makes it all the more rewarding when I do finally locate things and also I'm learning to navigate the night sky at the same time. Anways, enjoy the new hobby and clear skies! Dave
  11. Hi and welcome to SGL Dave
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL from another newbie
  13. Thanks for your helpful responses. That's just the kind of power supply I had in mind, something relatively small which could attach to the bottom of the scope next to the fan. I've got my eye on a slightly smaller one from the same place: http://www.thesafetycentre.co.uk/store/sealed_lead_acid_batteries_sla_lead_sealed/powersonic_battery_range_sealed_lead_acid_batteries/powersonic_ps1212_1_2ah_12v_sealed_lead_acid_battery.php The fan I've been looking at is this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/ARTIC-AFACO-12000-GBA01-Cooling-F12/dp/B002KTVFTE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1410474501&sr=8-2&keywords=cooling+fan+pc I can't for the life of me figure out how the two connect together. And also, how do these batteries recharge, is there a separate cable to buy? I'm sure it's very obvious and simple but it's managing to confuse me! Thanks again!
  14. Evening all, I'm looking to attach a cooling fan to the base of my Skywatcher 200p dob. There seems to be a good range of pc cooling fans on amazon which would do such a job. However, what I can't seem to work out is how to power such a fan. Basically the fan would be the only thing on the scope that requires power so I'm hoping I don't need anything to big, ideally something small which I can stick next to the fan. The fans I have looked at mostly seem to be 12v dc/ 0.25A. I'd really appreciate advice/pictures/links to such a power supply and also how to actually attach it to the fan (the fans mostly have a 3 pin plug). Sorry if this is a really silly, noobish question! Many thanks in advance, Dave
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