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  1. It is easier to make an 'affordable' Crayford focuser with a smooth and precise focus action. When considering load-bearing capacity the R&P has the edge but it needs to be expensive/well-made (Feathertouch) if it is to offer the same smooth focus action as a Crayford. Cheap R&P focusers are horrible.


    Yep, if you look on the starlight instruments website, the 2inch feathertouch rack&pinion is a lot more expensive than the 2 inch crayford feathertouch.

    In other words making a r&p well seems more expensive than making a crayford well.

  2. Thanks guys, Chris, did you use the flockboard from Lyra on your OO dobs? If so were there any probs getting it to fit inside with that raised join they have running down the inside of the tube? Cheers.

  3. Sounds amazing! As someone with wanderlust I do enjoy reliving others trips to exotic places thru their posts, thanks!

    I read somewhere it's best not to go too high up as the thinner oxygen begins to affect the limits of your eyesight after a point, and spending time to acclimatise only helps upto a certain point.

  4. May or may not be of interest but I've spoken to the importers or said garments and these cheaper discount ones are fakes. Confirmed by CG too. Happy to pm contacts details if you wish to confirm.

    I couldn't believe the brass neck of the company offering such copies. I don't own any CG...not needed really as -12 is as cold as I've been observing, but still makes you wonder how much other 'branded' knock offs there are kicking about.

    Yep, the site with the jacket for £200 is the joke website! They're selling knockoffs, no different to your average £20 Rolex. I won't be paying £1000 for a CG but neither will I pay £200 to somebody trying to steal other peoples commercial property with a shoddily made copy.

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