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  1. Congratulations!! I love that new scope feeling (and reading of others) hope you get to enjoy it tonight
  2. An Astro-Physics refractor - a 130GT, and a 175 if I'm allowed to pick two. If binoculars are also included, a Fujinon 25x150em :-))
  3. I was there all day on Friday, went to the Friday pm talks. Talked to Al Nagler and bought a 21 Ethos!! Had 20% off. Having got an offer of a interest free credit card balance transfer in the post this week, was sorely tempted by the NP101 with £400 off but walked away. So ended up with a ethos and felt good that I'd saved 3 grand... Best of both worlds :-)
  4. Top end you say? Then why cheap out with an ethos when you could go better? http://www.kkohki.com/English/kkohkiparts.html#Nikon HW eyepieces (On my list to try... someday!)
  5. Isn't FLO coming to this with a trade stand? It should be in their part of the country.
  6. Not that much this year actually when I add it up... No wait, forget I said that.
  7. Do you have a 30in obsession? I heard rumours recently of a mythical 30in obsession in the UK. Could that be you??
  8. It's usually next to fourtean times or some other 'paranormal' magazine. I do occasionally take some some enjoyment from covering up said Troutwith S@N or similar.
  9. Pentax XW's - if there was such a thing as industrial jewellery, they would be it. Also feathertouch 2inch crayford Focuser.
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, this a historic moment. Incandescent silicate rain and 7,000kph winds at 1000 degrees. This is proof positive there is life on that planet, and, what is more, someone there had just bought a 50inch dob. Where's my Nobel prize?
  11. No, I'm going to have to disagree with you there and reiterate you should never buy second hand long johns. If you're thinking about it then don't! You'll regret it. Go commando observing if you have to.
  12. Exactly, you'd need atomic dew heaters.
  13. A pair of thermal long johns from marks&sparks. Those arduous winter sessions became much more pleasurable for a fraction of the price of an eyepiece. In terms of return on investment, (as opposed to getting it below the usual cost) it's my biggest bargain purchase. One thing - NEVER buy second hand. That's a false economy which is bound to lead to despair.
  14. Cricket may be the only reason for them to bother contacting us in the first place.
  15. OT but how's the big apo breaking in? I read you were due to take delivery a few months ago but I must have missed the first light thread if you posted one. Actually hope to see one on the scope forum if you have the time. Cheers.
  16. There is a 95% probability of there being no Klingons off the starboard bow, with an uncertainty of + or - 5%. Sorry.
  17. If you have a spare £16-20k: http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/5866574/page/0/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1
  18. Hi, Just wondering how your project is progressing?
  19. Though it's expensive seems very good value for what you get! 20in with tracking for £4k!!
  20. I was skeptical this thing would get built, but now I'm more hopeful after hearing governments have already committed millions and they're flattening that mountain top in Chile.
  21. Depends how cold it is, and how tired I am after work.
  22. With older passengers preferred, I wonder what the effects of drinking the wife's urine for a year and a half will be if she's on HRT??
  23. Interesting question. I wonder what could be defined as a single object? Those mammoth stars would be extremely tenuous in their outer layers - just about holding together by gravity. But if you count objects held together by gravity only then what about galaxies or giant clouds of hydrogen?
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