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  1. Just about to leave for the fest, super excited!! Anyone else going?
  2. Wow congratulations Strongmanmike!!
  3. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg
  4. I believe where is m13 was written by Bill Tschumy, who went to work for the company that makes sky safari
  5. Indeed it is very beautiful but doesn't look like Shropshire!
  6. I think this is very exciting news: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34694935 Backing from BAE and investment from the government.
  7. This suggests insect droppings should not be left on mirrors as they attacking the coating, also a cleaning guide: http://www.loptics.com/articles/mirrorcare/mirrorcare.html Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, I'm sure you've already thought of this but if it's for a date remember to have a plan B in case of rain! Can't imagine a wet weekend at a campsite would be much fun particularly if they're not outdoorsy or a non astronomer.
  9. That just looks drool worthy. It's the only eyepiece that I still want to try out. Even seems to come wearing suspenders! :-)
  10. Hi Everybody, Thank you all for your advice. Our plans have changed somewhat. We are now going to spend a week hiking in deep south Patagonia in the Torres del Paine then I'm going to spend four days based in Atacama looking round the lunar valley, tatio geyser fields and salar de atacama. Apparently there are some tour companies that do stargazing excursions based in the town but by then the moon will be against me. Leaving tomorrow afternoon so quite excited now!
  11. Hello everybody, I'm going on a trip to Chile with 2 mates from next Friday. I'm wondering if anyone here is from Chile or has been before. We're planning our time there will be going to San Pedro de atacama but does anyone know if it's easy to see any of the observatories? One of the others has a passing interest in astronomy but the other does not so won't be able to spend a lot of time on a multi day trek just to the observatories. Any of them near any interesting non astro things? Thanks!
  12. So if such an event happens every 100,000 years or so, I wonder how the Oort Cloud managed to stay intact over 4.6 billion years. Was it much denser in the past? Just how dense/extensive is it now? If it still exists does that mean no larger stars have buzzed the Oort Cloud? Do all stars produce Oort Clouds? Perhaps interstellar space is populated by wondering comets pulled from their host stars.
  13. The astronomy society of haringey meet at ashmole school in Southgate http://ashastro.co.uk I live not far in oakwood but haven't been out much lately, and will be moving to Newcastle soon. It's about a 40min drive but West of London astro soc (Google WOLAS) meet in harrow and uxbridge on alternate months. They are very active and have a dark(er) site outside London that members can access on certain days.
  14. I don't know about ultralight mounts but enjoy your trip here. Hope the weather holds.
  15. Be interesting to see if they actually sell at that price.
  16. Zambuto is considered to be the best of the best.
  17. Looms good, but, looking at the pictures, is it doggy proof? :-)
  18. Are you sure the stretched stars are due to astigmatism in your eye and not the scope? Have you tried rotating the eyepiece (to see if it's the eyepiece) or your head so you end up looking thru the eyepiece at a different angle (to see if it is your eyes)?
  19. Dobson factory and skyvision make nice dobs in France.
  20. Miyauchi make the 2.1x42 for vixen. They used to make a 5x30 "binon". Who knows, if the vixens sell very well perhaps they'll release others?
  21. Yes same here. I remember Gamesmaster in the Dominic Diamond days... Loved the theme to the opening credits too. Now back to your regular programming.
  22. http://www.reactionengines.co.uk/space_skylon.html Skylon was born out of the ashes of Hotol, which I understand they could never get to work before patience and funding ran out. They seemed to have solved the frosting problem, and it passed some sort of tech demonstration study conducted by the ESA. It also has the support of David Willets, the science minister. There's just the small matter of £10 billion to finance the project through to completion so necessarily they have to go slow as funding permits. But the more I learn about this, the more excited I get. Would be brilliant for British high tech engineering and manufacturing if the first generation of cheap, re-useable reliable space transport is made here.
  23. Congratulations! OT but GREAT avatar!! I would have had that if only I'd thought of it first.
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