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  1. A lightweight rigid (see here: http://www.dreamscopes.com/pages/07/denmark-03.htm ,http://www.dreamcellularllc.com/mechanical.htm ) portable fast 32in dob, with a lightweight cellular mirror ( http://www.dreamcellularllc.com/mirrors.htm ) and CF structure, made by these guys:


    More here.



    Apparently they are pretty good at mirror making, and can go as fast as you'd want:  http://www.dreamcellularllc.com/news.htm

    Scopes on their site are astrographs (  http://dreamscopes.com/pages/07/16inDAtube-10.htm ) but, they do say OEMs welcome, so given this is a money no object exercise, I'm sure they can be persuaded to make a custom visual dob with a truckload of money.

  2. RIP.  Really sad to hear of Alan and Tricia's passing.  Like many here I only knew him through his Astronomy Now column.  After reading this notice, I realised I'd met Tricia, I remembered her as Pat Revest.  She used to be one of my old lecturers at university from 1997 for a few years.  Never new she was Dr Longstaff's partner.

  3. First time in Kielder at the starcamp.  Seeing the Milky Way and M31.  On my m31 - the sheer apparent size of the thing!  It was just astonishing!! Didn't bother with scope or binoculars for what seemed like ages.  Again a religious experience.  Been to Kielder several times since but it's never matched that one night - either its misty or just not as transparent or more often raining!

  4. Best: discmount DM-6.  Solid and oh-so-smooooth.

    worst: alt-az on my first scope, a tasco frac I think late 80's/ early 90's vintage.  I remember trying to look at Saturn in Capricornus above the roof of the house opposite us.  The scope had a tendency to flop down after I'd pointed it at the planet.  An exercise in frustration but all that dissolved when I finally found it.  Even when I'd only glimpse it before the mount moved again it was enough to keep me persevering with that scope and mount.  

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