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  1. Hi Gavster, What case do do you use to transport your AP130GTX? thanks
  2. You should ask on the australian iceinspace forums. They're a friendly bunch.
  3. Interesting. I wonder where promethium and technetium are formed.
  4. My understanding is starlight instruments are now going to make the Glatter tools
  5. A lightweight rigid (see here: http://www.dreamscopes.com/pages/07/denmark-03.htm ,http://www.dreamcellularllc.com/mechanical.htm ) portable fast 32in dob, with a lightweight cellular mirror ( http://www.dreamcellularllc.com/mirrors.htm ) and CF structure, made by these guys: http://www.dreamscopes.com More here. http://www.dreamcellularllc.com Apparently they are pretty good at mirror making, and can go as fast as you'd want: http://www.dreamcellularllc.com/news.htm Scopes on their site are astrographs ( http://dreamscopes.com/pages/07/16inDAtube-10.htm ) but, they do say OEMs welcome, so given this is a money no object exercise, I'm sure they can be persuaded to make a custom visual dob with a truckload of money.
  6. RIP. Really sad to hear of Alan and Tricia's passing. Like many here I only knew him through his Astronomy Now column. After reading this notice, I realised I'd met Tricia, I remembered her as Pat Revest. She used to be one of my old lecturers at university from 1997 for a few years. Never new she was Dr Longstaff's partner.
  7. First time in Kielder at the starcamp. Seeing the Milky Way and M31. On my m31 - the sheer apparent size of the thing! It was just astonishing!! Didn't bother with scope or binoculars for what seemed like ages. Again a religious experience. Been to Kielder several times since but it's never matched that one night - either its misty or just not as transparent or more often raining!
  8. Congratulations to you and the future Mrs Steele! That is certainly some ring. I have just got married myself and in a partial nod to my astro interests decided on an iridium wedding band.
  9. Is this just for nights when it's too much effort to set up your big dob? If not, then how about an equatorial platform for the dob? More aperture and presumably you could use an off axis mask to cut down glare and seeing effects?
  10. I do like the name Makemake. Wonder if the moon will be called Mike.
  11. I usually peruse what's in each one at the local 'Smiths and then buy which ever one interests me, sometimes I'll buy more than one or none at all.
  12. I know there are scopes out there which are meant to be visually indistinguishable from an AP through the eyepiece, but I know of none which are actually optically better. Which specifically were you thinking of?
  13. Hi, I used to be around the area, still come back to London a lot. Can come to meetings on some weekends?
  14. Best: discmount DM-6. Solid and oh-so-smooooth. worst: alt-az on my first scope, a tasco frac I think late 80's/ early 90's vintage. I remember trying to look at Saturn in Capricornus above the roof of the house opposite us. The scope had a tendency to flop down after I'd pointed it at the planet. An exercise in frustration but all that dissolved when I finally found it. Even when I'd only glimpse it before the mount moved again it was enough to keep me persevering with that scope and mount.
  15. Reading a related thread inspired me to post this: http://www.cleyspy.co.uk/kowa-highlander-prominar-32x82-observation-binocular.html £2999
  16. The more pics I see of these the more I want to look through one. It's one of the few pieces of equipment I still have gear lust for. Any more observing reports please?
  17. Wowsers!!! Great binos, go big or go home eh? I drooled over those at Astrofest too, they were beautiful and should give stunning dark sky views. Congratulations!
  18. I'm coming from Newcastle today - train doesn't get to kings cross till 11 so should hit Kensington town hall around half 11. Not much time to wonder the exhibit till the afternoon talks. Must avoid a rush of blood to the head with the credit card!
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