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    Thanks Steve, and thanks for the binoculars BTW.
  2. TheMightyKong


    Hi everybody, Having just welcomed someone else onto the forums, I've just realised I hadn't introduced myself properly, so... My name's rishi and I've been interested in astronomy for as long as I can remember, but have mostly been an armchair observer, so I guess that makes me a newbie. I did have a tasco red tube that frustrated me no end. I lapsed during my teens but recently I've got into this game in a big way. I live in london and have been desperate to get to some darker skies... I went to kelling but unfortunately just got rained on... so currently thinking about getting to Keilder...
  3. Hi and welcome from another newbie on this forum. I think I recognise you from CN.
  4. I have 2 myself, depending on where I am in the world: Orion when I am here in London for similar reasons as in the above posts, and Scorpius when I'm in my native Sri Lanka, cos its so bright and actually looks like what its supposed to be; and that Milky Way!!
  5. This site can give you a 3-d idea of satellite orbits and show roughly when its over the country. Not too much use for finding it's position in the sky though.
  6. The Forbidden Planet!! The Tempest in space, monsters of the id.... fantastic!
  7. From what I undestand, the old zeiss company was split into 2 companies by the iron curtain, the East German firm was called something like aus jena and i think they both put out various scopes, but I think both firms were reintegrated after reunification. ( If you're interested theres a lengthy History of zeiss here: http://www.company7.com/zeiss/history.html ) There were the legendary APQ (100mm and 130mm) scopes but there were also various others I have seen called AS or telemetor etc which is basicly why i believe this isn't an APQ. You can see an APQ and an AS here: http://www.apm-telescopes.de/secondhand.php?catchoice1=&catchoice2=58&choice=58#1 along with various other exotica such as a 12 inch TMB and a fabled Apomax.
  8. I'm not sure the 'aus jena AS' refractor is the same as the legendary APQ. In fact I'm fairly sure they are different telescopes.
  9. Steve, I know what you mean about FOV sharpness, the WO have phase coatings and are rated highly for FOV sharpness in posts I found trawling the search function on the Cloudy Nights forums. They seem to be made by this company http://www.aoi.com.cn/english/Na1.htm but I don't know of any other resellers. Having said this, I tried another roof prism today and found that i couldn't wrap my hands completely around the barrels because of the bridge, which seemed a bit awkard to me. I'll see what's there tommorow... tenbyfifty, I think there was a review of the helios ultimate H|R in a recent astromag - skyatnight i think? will see if i still have it lying around. adam, I've held 15x70's and they really are too much for me to handhold for any length of time, and x15 seems like too much, again, for me. Thanks all for your suggestions + comments and keep em coming!
  10. Thanks everyone, so now there are 2 on my shortlist, the WO ( http://www.william-optics.com/wowebs/prod_bino/842apo/specifications.htm ) 8x42 roof and the opticron ( http://www.opticron.co.uk/ ) 8x42 , which is £30 cheaper but has a slightly narrower field (114m/100m = 6.5 deg i think, versus 129m/100m/7deg). Does anyone have any experience with both these for a comparative opinion? And any others i should be considering? Thanks. TMK PS cheers steve will try the opticron if i can make it tom.
  11. Hi Gordon + Cap'n C, Actually the WO binos are 8x42, not 8x24. My worry about bigger aperture is weight. I havent so far seen reports of larger binos that are lightweight and have good reviews that don't cost a fortune. Do you have any in mind that also have good eyerelief and wide field? £180 is a lot but I am prepared to pay up to that much for something that meets all my requirements, I justify this to myself by figuring that I will spend most time using this than any other kit, so its worth the investment IMHO. I will also try to get to the SW astro fair on sat, may be there'll be some binos there I can try. Its a long way from London but I'm really keen to go to an astro event! Cheers TheMightyKong
  12. Hi everybody, Im a new poster here and I'd like to pick your brains for some advice on new binoculars for astronomy. I have a scope and would really like some nice handheld binos to help find my way around, locate objects and just cruise the skies. My criteria are: 1) HAVE to be handheld, to me, this means less than 1Kg wt and i think the lighter the better, and not too high mag, not sure how high is psooible handheld for me. 2) As good optically as I can get without spending a fortune: as wide a field as I can get to help me starhop + find stuff, with as sharp a field as i can get. I also wear glasses so adequate eyerelief. 3) Not too big exit pupil, I live in London so the skies are a kinda orangey grey from my garden, except at zenith where they're just plain grey. So far I'm thinking about the William Optics 8x42 APO binos for £180. What do you guys think?Any other suggestions for similar money (or less )? My plan is to find try out the ones people recommend here at a dealer. Thanks in advance, Kong
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