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  1. Lenovo are made by IBM, but branded to be a bit cheaper. I've got one for my 'home' laptop and it is very good.

    Actually IBM do not make lenovo.

    IBM sold their laptop brand - 'Thinkpad' to the Chinese company Lenovo some years ago and dont make any laptops anymore.

  2. Hi David,

    I visited Bray in, if i remember correctly 2006ish, even then they said they had just got out of the astromarket as they just werent making any money. The Guy I spoke to was i think the boss, he said he sold all his remaining astro stock to Simon at the widescreen centre.

    The only thing they had left at the time was one of the zerodur blanks they use for their Teleport dobsonian scopes.

    Im surprised they still havent changed their site

  3. Rorschach, if you are in north london, if you need need help, and if you can find them maybe you can call the errr..... WOLAS - west of london astro soc. their meetings alternate between Harrow and Ruislip. There's also ASH - astronomy soc of harringay, who meet in ashmole school in southgate, nr picadilliy line tube.

  4. as far as i can make out it is most residential area's

    will be lights out after midnight.

    but as always you will get the doomsayers who think that by turning them of we will be returning to the dark ages.


    It might be an idea for those in Essex to write to their MP's supporting the idea and explaining its merits, as you can bet the doomsayers will be moaning to the same, and whoever makes the most noise usually gets listened to...

    The Dark Sky Association website should have some ammo for you to reinforce the point :-)

  5. Actually I think each eye's FOV is about 140-160deg horizontally and 130ish vertically. But you concentrate on a much smaller area, and pay less attention to the rest, I think that's why Naglers seemed so great till ethos, after which the old nags seem noticeably narrower. Personally doesn't bother me too much, depending on mood I'm happy at times with orthos.

  6. Now that we have eyepieces that offer just about as much AFOV as our eyes can handle, which have fair eye relief, which have almost perfect light throughput, and otherwise practically optically perfect, where can we go?

    Is there actually any room for improvement/development to be made in eyepieces?

    Plenty! 100deg is actually much smaller than your eyes can handle, also personally I'd like better eye relief. Smaller would be nice.. could go on, I think there's always room for improvement:-)

  7. How strange! Its unbelievable they charge so much for the denks, whereas the TV diagonal, which is supposed to be better is advertised on that same page for less than half the cost.

    Which is why I wonder if it's a pricing error. If this outfit is just a part of a company that has multiple e-commerce sites, makes me wonder if the people that run it even know anything about what they're selling. The denks are rebranded william optics diagonals as albherto said.

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