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  1. Seems that I finally made it! I don't know exactly if that was the only cause of the issue but the option that MagnaMan said seemed to be one of the possible problems (I experimented changing several options). And here is the result, please don't be harsh, I have so much to learn and this is one of my first astro photos (I think I used too mucho ISO in this one, so much noise and the tree is a pain in the ass ). Advices are welcome! Thank you all for your help!
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  3. Done it, the image is darkened but there is colour in it. These are my current settings (excuse me if the name of the option is not exactly the same as I'm using a version in spanish and I'm translating them). For RAW: -Colours: Brightness 1.0000, Red Scale 1.0000, Blue 1.0000 -White balance: Both options unchecked -Bayer matrix transformation: Bilineal interpolation -Last option unchecked (black to 0) For FITS (only used this one time): -First option unchecked so only brightness can be adjusted. -Bottom option unchecked Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, I'm a newbie to astrophotography and I'm really having lots of trouble to extract the colour from my images when I stack them with DSS in CR2 format. I'm using last version (3.3.4) so I think that compatibility with my camera is not an issue (Canon EOS 700D). After stacking images I get an image where I can barely see stars (as far as I know and I have read this is normal). I save the image as TIFF, 16bit/ch. but when I open it with PS, DPP or Gimp I'm totally unable to bring the colour out, the image remains in what seems to be grayscale. PS asks me when I open the image to select a RGB space so that should not be a problem I think. However, and this is what is driving my crazy, if I convert every single raw image to TIFF and then I stack those with DSS the colour is there and I can more or less extract the information with the image and have some nice pics. I even tried to save the result as FITS, get each colour plane with FITS Liberator and load them in each channel in PS with no luck. I would love to use directly raw files to stack (although if you tell me that using TIFF files is the same I would be happy anyway ). Am I missing some step? Many thanks for your help!
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