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  1. I see, do you have any web articles on the history of these scopes? I'm curious to read up on them.
  2. Ah I see, yes I noticed that from a different angle there was the green tint/purple tint but from the angle I took the iamge from it was rather orange! I must have the the later version.
  3. Yes it seems to be the standard Fraunhofer design, yes even when observing the moon or planets or even stars there is minimal CA, a scope to keep for a lifetime I reckon.
  4. Hey thanks, Yes I managed to get the GRS, what is the SEB? Jonathan.
  5. Good morning, Just wanted to ask if anyone knows which glass is used in the Tal100RS 100mm F10 1000mm focal length refractor? The coating reflects an orange tint with hits of purple and green.
  6. Here is Jupiter imaged through my Tal 100RS using a X2 barlow and a Canon EOS M mirrorless camera. Video stack of 432 farmes using Registax Mount is HEQ5 Pro Belt Mod. Love the optics of this telescope, Colour is well balanced for the Achromatic Doublet.
  7. Here is a video of the moon at around 6:50AM though the optics of my Tal100RS russian refractor. Camera used is a Canon EOM M mirrorless using prime focus. Mount HEQ5 Pro belt mod. Link to video:
  8. Great it has worked, I have the T ring and the adapter screws right into it then the telecompressor screw right in. Now all I need is the IDAS D1 and a clear night. Thanks. Jonathan.
  9. Ah I see, will this be ok, https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/flo-m48-to-t2-adapter.html Will the body slot into my t ring for EOS and then grub screws will lock it in place? Regards.
  10. Hi, I have a ritchey chretien 6" and also an astro Physics CCD Telecompressor (CCDT67), any suggestions as to where the reducer screws in? The 2" barrel for the t ring? Thanks. Jonathan.
  11. I recently acquired a Tal100RS, I had an explore scientific AR152 achromat but that was too heavy. The person who I bought the scope from told me that this is the version with the upgraded optical coatings for better colour correction, views of Saturn are amazing especially with the 8mm radian from Televue. Just waiting for another dedicated astro camera to use with my 6" RC for deep sky... in the mean time I can observe, looking forward to Jupiter soon.
  12. Try A focal photography just put your mobile camera onto the eyepiece and take a shot. You could us some double sided tape to attach your mobile onto the eyepiece then into the telescope
  13. Hi there daveangie0110, I use a HEQ5 PRO EQ mount and an explore scientific 80 APO, a Canon 450D with CLS clip filter for light pollution reduction, with EQmod software and PHD Guiding with my QHY guide cam and 80mm refractor piggybacked on top This image was around 21 mins of data, A mixture of 180 second 120 second 300 secondExposures with a few darks ( just cover the scope and take the same exposure time)
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